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Thread: How-To: Custom Ringtones For 2.0 (Windows)

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    Default How-To: Custom Ringtones For 2.0 (Windows)
    So, I've seen a lot of people asking if they can still have custom ringtones on 2.0, and the answer is yes! This tutorial is for Windows users. This process does work with MACs as well, but it differs in a few ways. So, without further adieu, here we go!

    Use your favorite music editor. Personally, I use Sony Sound Forge 9.0. Open the .mp3 you would like to create a ringtone from, and edit it down to a 40 second block. Make sure it doesn't go anything over 40 seconds, otherwise it wont work! I can't stress that enough. After you're all done, click on File>Save As*** (NOT SAVE!!! YOU WILL OVERWRITE YOUR MP3 ALL TOGETHER). I normally save the .mp3 onto my desktop. Once you've saved it, open iTunes. (If you're anything like me, and you make ringtones a lot, I would create a seperate folder on the left specifically for ringtones.) Add it to your ringtones folder inside of iTunes, right click on it, and select Convert to AAC. Once that completes, the ringtone will begin to play. Stop it.

    Now, open My Documents>My Music>iTunes>iTunes Music Find the artist of the song you just created, and it'll have the album, open that folder, and viola! There it is. Now, rename that file whatever you'd like, but make the extension .m4r. Now, back to iTunes. File>Add Files To Library. Browse to the newly renamed file, and add it. Sync, and you're all done! Good luck folks!


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    it worked great man thanks!!!

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    I'm having a problem ripping a segment from a song..
    I consolidated my iTunes library at one time, and apparently that re-saves all your mp3 files as .m4rs and compresses them into .40 seconds (the entire song) segments whenever it's opened up in another program.. Is there anyway for me to convert that? For instance, when I open it in Audacity, can I reset the song to the normal length?


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    I had trouble with the above method of the first poster. Not saying it doesn't work, I'm just saying it didn't work for ME. :-) I've used Audacity in the past when I made ringtones for my Treo, and I use the same method for my ringers now. But as an added step, I use iRing ringtone converter to make them into an m4r file - it will move it directly to my iTunes and I'm set. But I just have to remember to mess with the bass a little. The speaker isn't as good as the 3G model.

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