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Thread: Longer Ring Time

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    Default Longer Ring Time
    All of my ringtones are exactly 30 seconds in length, but my iPhone only rings for approx. 20 or so seconds...

    Does anyone know how to let/make my phone ring for a full 30 seconds??

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    try this, from another poster

    Change your ringer to 30 seconds long, before vmail kicks in.

    Well I actually found something useful from the Apple forums.

    How to Extend your Ringer Time
    From: BCammaratta
    Here is what i know about the ringer time.

    First type *#61#{SEND}. Your iPhone will show where your voicemail calls are
    being to sent to. Write down the number as for you will need later. Second type
    {STAR} {STAR} 61 {STAR}{the number you just wrote down}**30#{SEND}. When you get
    the confirmation dismiss it. Finally, check that your calls are still being
    forwarded to the correct number. Type *#61#{SEND} and verify its the same number
    as before.

    There you have it, your now 30 second ringer.

    Where you see {STAR} it means *, i couldnt get it to show it correctly

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    thanks that really did work perfectly.

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    wow nice find, works great.

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    well, i thought the code was the same bc i still have at&t as when i had my blackjack. so i put in the code and it deactivated all of the voicemail services :/

    looks like i will have to call at&t to get them to fix it.

    but i am glad i found this thread to show me how to do it correctly when i get it fixed

    well just to let everyone know, if you screw up your phone, you can just follow the steps posted above to reactivate your #, then note the #, and follow the steps.

    thanks again.

    and thank you to the TS for starting this thread to solve my problem.
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    what carriers does this hack work for? Only AT&T?

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    Is there a way to make it even longer? I don't really feel or hear my phone when I'm, and by the time I do hear or feel it they hung up already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by millionman View Post
    Is there a way to make it even longer? I don't really feel or hear my phone when I'm, and by the time I do hear or feel it they hung up already.
    I was told by a rep that if your phone rings longer than 30 seconds you will be charged 1 minute of airtime. This was last year so I am not sure if it is still in effect.

    The above code works great.

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