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Thread: iPhone 3g SMS alerts different format?

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    Default iPhone 3g SMS alerts different format?
    I created a sound, converted it to aiff, and renamed it to sms-received1.caf. I copied this over to my jailbroken iPhone 3g and it isn't working. I get silence when I try to play that SMS alert.

    I downloaded one of the ones that came on the iPhone, renamed it with a .aif extension and tried to play it in iTunes. It doesn't appear to be in AIFF format. I'm wondering if the new software is actually requiring a CAF format file?

    Does anyone know how to convert to the CAF format?

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    Its the same format as before. Caf should be just a renamed mp3. I've put up my own SMS tone in another thread in this forum if you want to give that a go.

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    No luck. I've installed that file and I still get silence when I try to play it. If I restore the old file, it plays fine. Anyone have any ideas what I may be doing wrong here?

    I had installed the OpenSSH app via Cydia and am accessing the iphone via ssh and copying the file over via scp.

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    i used PCSUITE last night...and changed two of my modded sms-received5.caf and sms-received6.caf..they worked.

    btw, caf format.

    Rename your modded tone to one of these (sms-received1.caf) and load it...then on the phone, goes to settings/sounds/new text message/ and check the sound (in this case, it would be Tri-tone)that you just should work.

    sms-received1.caf -> Tri-tone
    sms-received2.caf -> Chime
    sms-received3.caf -> Glass
    sms-received4.caf -> Horn
    sms-received5.caf -> Bell
    sms-received6.caf -> Electronic
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    dunno what i'm doing wrong, i'm getting the same thing. following the same steps as partek, but getting no sound.

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    I have the exact same problem as you. I have copied .caf files from various posts here, and they are all silent. I re-copy the system default, and it's fine.

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    Default iPhone 3G Easy Custom SMS Tone Conversion
    I had the same problems, where I was going wrong was converting the files from MP3. I used iTunes to do this, but iTunes converts them to ACC format, not AIF.

    After many trials and errors I found the easiest way to convert the file is to use Audacity.

    Use the link in this post to download Audacity. Once installed you will need to change the preferences from the EDIT menu (CTRL + P) and change the Uncompressed Export Format to CAF.

    This allows you to directly convert an MP3 to CAF format, no need to rename file formats.

    From here you can edit the file necessary (I noticed when I used another program to convert MP3 to AIF it gave me 4 seconds of silence before the tone played, using audacity you can delete that 4 seconds if it happens.

    Now all you have to do is export the file change the file name to :

    sms-received* (Where * is 1 - 6)

    as it is already a CAF file and use SSH to copy the file across.

    Once the file is on the iPhone you may need to power the phone off and restart it. Once that's done you should have your nice new ringtone installed.

    Get Audacity from here:
    Stuck for ringtone ideas? :
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    Hi, I tried several stuff (I'm in 2.0 with an Iphone 3G) and at the beginning nothing was working (nor Quicktime, nor Audacity) to change the "ringtone" for the "new mail".
    I tried MP3->AIFF->CAF with QT, nothing (the sound wasn't played).
    I tried with Audacity (MP3->CAF), nothing.

    Then I had a hunch and I rebooted the Iphone, then (miraculously?) I was able to hear the .caf I uploaded earlier, the one I made with QT...

    Just to be sure I made a test:
    I loaded a MP3 with QT, I selected a part of it and I exported it in AIFF (PCM linear, Stereo, 44khz, quality 100%, 16 bits) as "test.aiff".
    I renamed in SSH the previous /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/new-mail.caf file to /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/new-mail_spider.caf.
    Then I renamed on my computer the test.aiff to new-mail.caf and I upload it to /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/.

    I was already on the settings/sound tab on Iphone and I tried to play the new "new mail" ringtone... Surprise surprise, I got... the Previous ringtone I made :lol:
    Ok I quit settings, and come back to settings/sound, this time, I got no sound, ok
    I reboot the Iphone and this time I got my "new" ringtone.

    Then I made a stupid test, I had the file /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/new-mail_spider.caf remember?
    So I renamed the file ne/System/Library/Audio/UISounds/new-mail.caf to /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/new-mail_fax.caf and I renamed /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/new-mail_spider.caf to /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/new-mail.caf
    And I tried to play it in Settings/sound.
    Surprise, this time I could hear the good ringtone without rebooting...

    So basically it's working fine with QT, you just have to reboot in worst case scenario.
    If someone could confirm it.
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    I can confirm that the above works - anyway... the information about rebooting the iPhone... I have not tested "the rest"... THANKS!!

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    I had the same problem. It worked after performing a soft-respring (set language) with PowerTool.

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    thanks lmame that worked. I use audacity to record my dj mixes and never thought about it!

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    Default Work after Reboot/Respring but keep playing the song
    Hi, follow the steps told and successfully changed my sms alert tone. The only problem is when a SMS is received, the tone never stop after we press Close or Reply or Even I tried to lower down the volume... nothing work, my iphone kept singing/ringing.

    Anyone, any idea?

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    bump! i also want to know if theres anyway to stop the phone from ringing while receiving sms~!! its hard to notice if its shorter .. my sms tone is 14 secs and whenever i receive sms it rings all the way... wish theres a way to stop it in the middle like nokia phone does~

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    heyy! thanks the sms alert sound works now! but.. i have a question, everything seems to be renamed to Default, Alternate_1, Alternate_2, Alternate_3, Alternate_4, Alternate_5.. any way to fix this or to rename it? thanks!

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