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Thread: Post Ringtone Requests Here

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    I tried the tutorial and I got as far as "right click on the file and save as .m4r" how do I save it as m4r because when I do that it does not automatically move the file to the ringtones section of itunes and if I move it to there manually it shows the blue plus sign as if its good to move but when I look in the ringtone section its not there.

    Is it my version of itunes that I need to change.

    I was trying to get the cheesy jingle thats on TV alot called Tijuana Taxi but a short clip of it, not the whole song.

    Thanks alot.

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    Default Ringtones in iphone
    Using Windows on Iphone 1.1.3 jailbroken unlocked.

    1.Download ringtone gold
    2. Iphone Browser

    Open a song in ringtone gold cut whatever part you want and save as mp3
    Open Itunes put the saved ringtone in music.
    Convert the ringtone in music in .ACC file.(now there should be 2 files one mp3 one .acc)
    Drag the .ACC file in desktop.
    Open Iphone browser go to ringtones and add the .ACC ringtone.
    It will be different than other ringers.
    While in Iphone Browser right click the ringtone and save it in your desktop as a .m4r file.
    Now the ringtone should have an Itunes icon.
    Now you can add the ringtone in Itunes Ringtones.

    Remember Don't do the shortcut and just save the mp3 or acc in your desktop in .m4r format because it won't work.

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    No Reason - Sum 41

    Can I have the second chorus?

    "Tell me, why can't you see it's not the way
    When we all fall down it will be too late
    Why is there no reason we can't change
    When we all fall down who will take the blame

    What will it take
    Times like these I've come to see how
    Everything but time is running out"

    If it won't fit, just cut out the last three parts.


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    Can you please provide me with the ringtone in the movie "Crank"

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    Hello...i desperately need to get this ring tone...

    Its from the movie "Crank"....the scene where he gets injected with the drugs....his phone starts to ring all weird...wish i had a youtube clip sorry...

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    Default Rockstar
    Hi im desperate to get the following in a ringtone. I need the chorus and a few from themain lyics.

    Rockstar by Nickleback

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    i have the crank ringtone on my iphone pm me your email i will send it to you

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    Please New Soul for Yael Naim ringtone .. different parts will be appreciated so i can choose the best one.

    Thanks in advance, keep good work...

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    can you make the NCIS theme song into a rintone? thanks in advance

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    just finished making my first ringtone .. i think it sounds pretty alright .. tell me what you guys think .. and then i can do some more ..
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    can you guys do tokyo drift-teriyaki boyz

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    e-dragon, ma man , could u please hook me up with:
    50cent> big things popping
    alicia keys> no one
    leona lewis> keep bleeding

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    i hope someone asked - the original ringtone converted from iTunes Simpsons Theme from the film

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    hey thanks a lot i tried it but it does not show up in the iTunes ringtone section??

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    Wyclef covering "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd..
    Thanks in advance..

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    no its originally converted from iTunes, add this ringtone to the "ringtones" section in iTunes,aamodr!

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    can someone do sexual eruption by snoop dogg? thanx
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    can you do The Bourne Identity theme song? I have the actual song name, its " Moby - Extreme Ways (The Bourne Identity & The Bourne Supremacy_soundtracks) - John Powell ". Thank you!

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    I don't think anyone is doing any more requests on here. It's been I month since I've seen a m4r posted on here.

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    can someone please make me the ringtone of lupe fiasco -"paris tokyo" and "umma do me" by rocko and chingy "fly like me". please!!!
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