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Thread: Create free custom iPhone ringtone with GarageBand.

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    Default Create free custom iPhone ringtone with GarageBand.
    GarageBand now supports ringtone export. Here is how to create ringtones with GarageBand using any song you like.

    Guide with pictures here:

    Text only below:

    Step 1. Convert the song you want to use in aac by right-clicking it in iTunes.


    Step 2. Open GarageBand. Create a new music project. Just use the default setting when a window pop up.

    Step 3. Select Control > Show Media Browser. Delete all tracks. Create a new basic track from track menu. You should see something like this(click for larger picture)


    Step 4. Drag the file we converted in Step 1 to the basic track.

    Step 5. Select Control > Show Editor. Choose the 40 seconds of music that you want to use as ringtone.(click for a larger picture)


    Step 6. Cut that part. Select all of the other parts and delete it. Paste back that part. You have trimmed the part you wanted in Step 5.

    Step 7. You can also add some fade out and more advanced effects in GarageBand.

    Step 8. Lastly, select “Share > Send Ringtone to iTunes” from GarageBand.


    Step 9. Wait for a few second and you should see your customized ringtone now available in iTunes. You can now sync this free customized ringtone from your music library to your iPhone.


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    Wow, I guess its good that I didn't buy iToner after all now that we are officially aloud to roll our own. iToner is a great program but I would sometimes lose all my custom ringtones without warning. Wouldn't even notice until the iPhone rang with the 'I'm so June 29, 2007' marimba song. All I'd have to do is re-sync and fire up iToner again and reload the playlist I made and that would fix it but that kinda made it suck.

    Too bad you can't put protected aac files directly into garageband and re-encode to make them ringtones. Easiest way I've found to do that is to burn the protected aac files onto cdr, then re-rip the files and go from there.

    Still makes the $2 for buying ringtones seem nearly worth it to avoid all the hassle IMO. But I am happy to see there is a way to put my original tunes in as ringtones.

    Now if only they will update Logic Studio with 'Send to Ringtone'!

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    Is there a Free software that can to this for windows?

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    ^Try iRinger its free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
    ^Try iRinger its free.

    will it allow me to create them from my music libary?

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    its not free, its $9.99 for 15 months....????

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    well, either use the free trail or pay the 9.99 sounds cheap to me

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    Na, Thanks im good....I'll checkin around!

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