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Thread: 'Music is My Hot Hot Sex' Ringtone (From iPod touch commercial)

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    Default 'Music is My Hot Hot Sex' Ringtone (From iPod touch commercial)
    Hey guys, I really really really like the iPod Touch commercial that was made by a guy who likes the iPod Touch a lot. That being said, I found out that the song that is played during the commercial is called 'Music is My Hot Hot Sex' by CSS. So I found my way to a high quality version of the MP3, and then realized that in the commercial, the MP3 is spliced together portions of the song. So I gave it a go and came up with two versions. The first is a proof-of-concept version. It is exactly like the one in the commercial, and is 0:33 in length. This would be good for a SMS ringtone, but not ideal for a regular ringtone. That is why I created the second variant. it is 0:22 in length, which is more suitable for a ringtone. Both are in M4R format, and ready to go!

    NOTE: I did not just record the commercial and take credit. I really did take the original song, and splice it in an audio editor, it took quite a bit of time.

    Due to the crappy space limitations, I've upped them all to my account. DOWNLOAD HERE. I wish that I could up more than 295Kb for ZIP file, and also be able to up RAR files... Oh well
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    Sweet, thanks for posting...

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    no prob bro

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    Imahottguy, we just raised the limit of zips to 1mb (approx) and added rar. =D

    Good job on the ringtones!

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    they sound really good on the iphone! Thank you
    Hit Thanks!

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    Thanks for the sweet ringtone hehe

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    These do sound really well. Am using it now. Thanks!


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    thanks Imahottguy .......

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    Thanks for the responses guys! I'm glad that you like them. I'll up them individually, if necessary, though my mirror will always work... It's only for attaching things online

    @Dash-2: Thank you for upping the limits and adding RAR. It will help me out w/ attaching items in the future

    But yeah, I'll take requests... It will just take a bit of time per request, but I have no prob... What song should I do next? I'm really working hard to clean up the Nokia tune ringtone. I think the 'Nokia Tune' in monophonic form would just be hilarious on our great and powerful iPhone.

    EDIT: I cannot attach the files? There is no 'button' to manage attachments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Imahottguy View Post
    EDIT: I cannot attach the files? There is no 'button' to manage attachments.
    Attachments, vbcode buttons, and drop down menu's are temporary down. They should be back up in a day or two.

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    Alright, thanks

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    Sounds awesome, thanks!

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    Hi, it's not bad!

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone Jodiedicie's Avatar
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    Another great one. Thanks!

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    yes yes thanks for sure

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    Thanks so much, this rocks my phone!

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    thanks keep them coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by 87fleet View Post
    thanks keep them coming
    I will if I get some requests Personally, I only use the CSS ringtone and Perfect Timing. But I will make more per request, just post the request in this thread

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