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Thread: Easy way to customize 1.1.1 ringtones

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    Awesome job, worked perfect

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    I used your application and it works GREAT! Thx so much for the hard work. However, I sometimes get a problem during the converstion from mp3 - wav format. It gives me a sync error. What does this mean?

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    any picture?

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    seems to work, many tnx!

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    Very good. thanks Gary.
    But every body, 've to copy the whole folder to somewhere first before run version03.bat

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    Hahahahaha... iphuc.

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    Works like a charm. Thanks!

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    You know what is even easier than this tutorial?

    using Sendsong, from installer, it will just set any song on your iphone to your ringtone!!!

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    you know.... This is not the best. But i sure it is more easy than sendsond method. this is no need to use any ssh, also no need to install any app or even installer.
    i think using sendsong. you have to put Mecca into the system folder to avoid itune sync!!!! which mean you have to use ssh or iphonebrowser!!!

    more the tools use, the more difficulties to the newbie.

    This method.... just need to know
    1.double click
    2. enter
    3. <the song name>
    4. enter
    5 . enter.........
    6. enter......enter....enter

    that's it!!!!!!!! straight forward and no other technique!!!!!
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    hi been reading post with intrest .........i have firmware 1.1.1 on phone jailbreaked and any sim so i thought i would try this software and lo behold i got the error could not enable ssl so i thought it wouldnt work ...but the odd thing is the ringtone i uploaded went in my sounds so i switched phone of then back on and it works so all i can say is try the software and maybe works for you as well...oh and well done for the software m8 cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by garyckw View Post
    i suggest you to Virginize your iphone and run + anysim1.1.1 again.
    because i have an iphone also can't use this method to upload ringtone.
    however, after i refresh the whole iphone. it can use now!!

    just take under 30 mins to reinstall. try it.
    I hope this works, I'm in the middle of redoing all my customized mods.

    UPDATE: this does load the ringers even though you get that message about could not connect SSL
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    Bump. Just tried this with 1.1.2 OTB.

    Works like a charm. Thanks Gary!!

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    thank you thank you thank you....good work

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    Quote Originally Posted by phattbam View Post
    UPDATE: this does load the ringers even though you get that message about could not connect SSL
    Worked for me as well even though it said could not connect.


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    You are welcome!
    However, I am not quite sure my programme working with 1.1.2 or not.
    Cause i use MeCCA for 1.1.1
    If you still really want to use my program, you better backup your MeCCA file and download MeCCA for 1.1.2.

    If you are using 1.1.2, you better use the itune itself to sync the ringtones.
    Itune only accepts m4r / aac / m4a.
    You can use itune to convert mp3 to aac or use my programe to convert them.
    When using my program, I suggest don't connect to iphone with the usb cable. because it would overwrite MeCCA which is for 1.1.1 version. After converting, you will find .m4a format file in /mp3 floder.
    Then you can put it into itune's ringtone library.

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    Works absolutely perfect. 100%

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    Im not sure if anyone has tried this before but im posting this cuz i have readin the prev posts and no one has metioned it yet
    I have tried this and it works with no probs for me
    So here it is..

    U goto ur installer app on ur phone while connected to wifi and got to "multimedia" select and download the app "sendsong" after that make sure the song u want to use in itunes lib has an "artist name" in that field and if not that just put watever there just make sure u sync the phone back up with ur new info if not already.

    The mp3 song on ur iPhone that u wish to use as ur ringtone has to be the valid file type (MPEG2 LAYER3) u can see this info in itunes lib by right clicking get info on the file ** meaning that all the songs in ur iphone u might not be able to make as a ringtone but like 95% of the files work **

    After that then goto the app on ur main screen on the phone and select the song u wish to use and click on it and then select "set as ringtone" then u exit that app and goto ur ringtones and it will be there.

    When u goto ur ringtones and u clcik once on the ringtone and u dont hear the song play a preview then this file will not work as ur ringtone.If u dont hear nothing then that file is not the valid format and will not work just try going back to the "sendsong" app and select another one and make sure in that same app that u click on the top left where it say "ringtones" and delete the first one that u tried that didnt work and now go back to ur ringtones and try it again and make sure u hear ur song play just like it does for all the other ringtones in that folder....
    Ihad to figure that out by myself

    After u find a song that u can hear a preview of then ur okay, just get out of there and power off ur iPhone and start it back up and ur goto goooo!!

    Let me kno if this post helped u guys out


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    of couse, i tried it before.
    But it can't resist the itune sync.

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    I think this is the best (only?) method till now to use custom ringtones without being deleted by iTunes. Thank you very much, Gary, for all the hard work. Best wishes from Romania.

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