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Thread: How do I copy full length MP3 ringtones directly to the iphone?

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    Default How do I copy full length MP3 ringtones directly to the iphone?
    How do I copy full length MP3 ringtones directly to the iphone?

    I have used iringer but it butchers them to 30 seconds.

    I understand I have to use itunes to convert the songs to m4a, then renaming them to m4r.

    I have tried copying them using iphonebrowswer but that doesn't do anything, it shows them copied, but they don't show up in the ringtones afterwards. Any ideas?

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    You have to overwrite one of the existing ringtones that come standard on the phone in order for them to show up that way. In other words, copy the ringtone over and have it named the same as one of the stock ringtones so it overwrites it. Then go to the ringtone you overwrote and it will play your song.

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    Yea, and how do I do all of that exactly??

    I can't even see /Library/Ringtones in iphonebrowser right now. Could you please help me figure out why?

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    Thats because that directory isnt visible with Iphonebrowser (from what ive seen, i dont use Mac, but it has been said on Use another program to throw them on there.
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    Okay, what is "another program" and how does that work?

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    Im not on Mac, so not as knowledgable on those apps. I know there is "Ifuntastic", however not sure if it will allow a full song. It is simple to use though.

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    AFAIK 30 seconds is the limit for ringtones. That's why iRinger is set to this as a maximum.

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    Smile Open SSH
    Hey, this is a little more complex to do but you can actually import the whole song if you like. First make the file in a m4a. Then go to your installer and download the OPEN SSH. This is going to be directions only for Mac OS. do a google search for CyberDuck and download(freeware). Ok next thing you need to do it go to your settings => wifi => click on the blue arrow next to the server you are on. This will show your IP address which will be needed. Next open Cyberduck and click open connection. You will switch the drop down to be SSH. Next, the server information you need to write in your IP address, port should be 22, the logon is root, password is alpine. This will allow you to SSH into your iphone. Next thing is that you need to go through the library to find your default ringtones. Once you find that folder you can drag and drop your m4a ringtone to the folder and you will have a full song. I know this may have been confusing but if you do a youtube search for Iphone SSH you will be able to find a video for more clarification. Hope this helps

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    You can't go longer than 30 seconds on a ringtone.

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    try the Iphone PC sute it give u the full MP3 song as ringtone

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronzo View Post
    You can't go longer than 30 seconds on a ringtone.
    actually, I believe its 40 seconds.
    but either way, the call will definitely be forwarded to voicemail before the full song plays anyways, so save your precious 8gb for other stuff!
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    do you want to make personal ringtones from your itunes library? if so email me and I will give you the info...

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