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Thread: [REVIEW] Bowers & Wilkins T7 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

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    Default [REVIEW] Bowers & Wilkins T7 Bluetooth Portable Speaker


    Bowers & Wilkins, or B&W as they're generally referred to, have been around since 1966 making high-end audio equipment. Back then, it was John Bowers and his buddy Roy Wilkins, handcrafting speakers in the back of an electronics shop. They're a British company, based in Worthing, England (West Sussex) - and really, if you aren't already familiar with B&W, you probably aren't an audio enthusiast.

    In the Box

    The packaging isnít anything exciting yet is well executed, simple and clean. Besides the beautifully crafted speaker itself, which weíll touch upon shortly, youíll receive a power supply and wall adapters (international as well!). Although there is a Micro USB port for service, this is a typical power supply. It is not charged via USB like you may see on other speakers.

    Although the lack of USB charging was a slight disappointment, I hardly found it an inconvenience at all. The T7 offers up to 18 hours of battery life so youíll only spend a small amount of time with the device plugged into the wall.

    What I immediate like about the speaker is that it isnít catered to just Apple products. I know we are all Apply fans here, but the Bluetooth connectivity allows anyone to easily connect and send their jams to the T7 from any Bluetooth enabled phone. I have also even connected my MacBook with ease. I love to entertain, especially sharing new music with my friends, and this makes it easy for everyone.


    As Iíve come to expect with B&W products, the T7 is beautifully crafted. It holds up to the standards of the B&W name. The speaker feels solid in your hand and the rubber edge not only helps anchor it but makes it easier to grip - it is a portable speaker, after all. Itís a bit larger than others that you could fit in your pocket, but they payoff is Much Better Sound Quality. It may be a hassle to lug around in a purse, but perfect for a backpack.

    Iím sure youíve already noticed the honeycomb structure around the edge of the speaker. Or as B&W calls it - the Micro Matrix. Not only is it aesthetically interesting but it serves the purpose of absorbing vibration and therefore producing better sound. I enjoy the way the light shines through and catches your eye. For those that may not be fond of it, when tucked in a corner, it blends in quite well.


    Lets talk about what everyone wants to hear - the sound quality. Of course the sound is excellent and I wouldnít expect less for B&W (or for that $350 price tag). For those that are accustomed to small to mid sized portable Bluetooth speakers, you will be surprised at the punch of sound that this little guy can deliver.

    The sound is strong across lows, mids, and highs at a conservative volume. The highs are crisp and clear and almost piercingly strong at higher volumes. The bass is great but could be better. The only (sort of) issue I found is that the bass sounds great at up to 75-80% volume but if you crank it up to full blast the bass gets washed out over the stronger mid and high sounds. Although I can comfortably listen at 40-60%, and believe I disturbed everyone in the office when cranking it up full blast.


    Although I did just say the bass could be a bit more powerful, the overall sound is much stronger than other portable speaker options. The overall audio quality is very robust and donít want to discourage any audiophiles from making the plunge. Iím just saying that if youíre still listening to King of the Beats by Aphrodite you might feel a little disappointed

    This would make a great addition in any home and more so a perfect gift for this holiday season. The B&W T7 is top of itís class and you definitely get what you pay for; amazing and powerful audio quality in a beautifully designed package - that you can take with and listen to all day.

    You can buy the T7 for $349.99 directly from the B&W website.

    We're giving the T7 a 5 leaves rating - our highest. This is the best Bluetooth portable speaker we've heard!

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    Unbelievably good. I've been a big fan of B&W speakers since the 70s, when I bought a pair of DM7 speakers. I later upgraded to a pair of Matrix 1E and am still using them. This little gem is worth every penny. I have previously used the Bose mini sound link which is very good, but the B&W beats it hands down for depth, clarity, pure sounding bass and battery life.

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