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Thread: The Poetic Revolution Case for iPhone 6 Plus Gives You Affordable All-around Protection

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    Default The Poetic Revolution Case for iPhone 6 Plus Gives You Affordable All-around Protection

    If you're looking for well-rounded protection for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus that won't break the bank, then you should consider the Revolution case by Poetic. We recently showed you their Borderline case, which is much like the Apple bumper case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s and offered nearly no drop protection in place of looks, but if you need the drop protection, then the Revolution case is something to look into.

    The Poetic Revolution offers water resistance, dust resistance, shock protection, and scratch protection. With its tough TPU and polycarbonate shell hybrid design, the case gives your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus added rigidity. The built-in screen protector even keeps your display safe from keys and other sharp objects.

    Now if you were wondering why we said it won't break the bank, it's because the Poetic Revolution case is one of the cheaper options out there that still offers great protection. It comes in at just $24.95 on Poetic's Web site.

    Above, you can see the white and gray version of the case in all of its glory with the iPhone 6 Plus installed. The case also comes in other color options, such as black and gray, blue and black, and pink and gray. The sleek color trims make this case stylish and help it stand out from some of the competition.

    Below, you can see the two pieces of the case disassembled:

    Below, you can see how the iPhone 6 Plus seats into the front of the case so that the TPU part of the case can snap over it:

    The rear of the case proudly displays the Poetic logo:

    From the rear of the case, the rear-facing camera is well exposed so that you can take un-obscured photographs through the case without interference to the lens, rear-facing flash, or rear-facing microphone:

    On the front of the case, the built-in screen protector offers cut-outs for the front-facing camera, front-facing ambient light sensor, and front-facing speaker grille. The front-facing proximity sensor is forced to peek through the plastic screen protector:

    The Touch ID sensor is also well-exposed so that you never have to worry about interference while trying to input your fingerprint to unlock your device:

    It's worth noting that the screen protector really doesn't affect the display's touch sensitivity. Poetic uses a very responsive screen protector that picks up out taps and swipes very well (even with another aftermarket screen protector installed on our iPhone 6 Plus already).

    On the left side of the device, the volume up and volume down buttons are well covered by the case's TPU slip cover. They are clearly marked with + and - symbols so that you know which button is which. The buttons are surprisingly easy to press through the case's slip cover. The ringer/silent switch, on the other hand, is exposed to the elements:

    On the opposite side of the device, the sleep/wake button is also covered by the TPU slip cover and is labeled "PWR." The button is just as easy to press through the TPU slip cover as the volume up and volume down buttons are (no complaints):

    At the bottom of the case, the 3.5mm headphone jack, bottom microphone, and speaker grille are exposed to the elements, while the Lightning port is covered by a TPU lift-able door. The headphone jack is large enough to accommodate plenty of aftermarket headphones and speakers:

    Here's the nice wide Lightning port hole when we open the TPU door (large enough for almost any aftermarket Lightning accessory):

    The Poetic Revolution case is a very solid-feeling case in our hands. It offers a rigid look and feel and holds together very nicely for a light-weight protective solution for any iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. We are very satisfied with the responsive buttons, responsive screen protector, and drop protection performance. It's also much easier to remove and install this case than some of the Otterbox alternatives out there.

    For the extremely fair $24.95 price tag that the case comes with, you won't be disappointed with the great level of safety that your iPhone will experience. We are rating this case 4 out 5 leaves:

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    Thanks for the review! I'll have to check this out.

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    Just bought it from Amazon via the Poetic link for $10 off at $14.95 Prime. Great deal!

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    extremely ugly and cheap looking.

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    Anthony have you done a review on tech 21 case for iPhone 6 plus?

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    this is alot like the beetle unicorn case i got off amazon. i love the case and it came with a belt clip

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    the front looks like Otterbox and the rear looks like UrbanArmorGear haha. But loving the chamfered corners for sure.

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    From where i can buy this? any link online?

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