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Thread: The Poetic Borderline iPhone 6 Plus Case is Minimal and Reminds Us of Apple's Bumpers

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    Default The Poetic Borderline iPhone 6 Plus Case is Minimal and Reminds Us of Apple's Bumpers

    If you remember the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s days, then you probably remember Apple's own Bumper case for those devices, which was a minimal case that only wrapped around the sides of the device to keep the front and rear exposed so that the case could show off the iPhone's beauty.

    The same idea is backed behind Poetic's Borderline case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Although Apple discontinued the Bumper case when the iPhone 5 became available to the public, Poetic is bringing back the look and feel of the Bumper case even with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with their Borderline case, shown above.

    We will be showing you the white and gray version of Poetic's Borderline case, but keep in mind that they also have a black and gray option available too.

    Like Apple's Bumper case, the Borderline case by Poetic gives you a plastic frame that is edged with a rubberized finish on both sides, which are raised just high enough so that neither the display or the rear of the iPhone ever touch the flat surfaces that they are placed on. The front-facing camera, front-facing proximity sensor, front-facing ambient light sensor, and front-facing speaker are all easily accessible through the case.

    As you can see from the image above, the Borderline keeps the iPhone 6 Plus' large 5.5-inch display out in the open for you to easily access any part of the screen when you need to. Below, the Borerline keeps the same minimalistic qualities for the rear of the case, keeping the beautiful aluminum unibody in sight so that you can truly appreciate the genius beauty of Apple's craftsmanship:

    The gray color of the Borderline's rubberized exterior blends in very well with the Space Gray version of the iPhone 6 Plus. It matches especially well with the antenna band breaks.

    As you can see below, the case does not hinder the ability of the rear-facing camera's ability to see. It's also nice and spacey for the rear-facing LED flash and rear-facing microphone. Because of the wide-open back, the Apple logo is proudly displayed:

    On the front of the case, the Touch ID sensor is not hindered by the case at all, so you shouldn't experience any interference while trying to use the Touch ID sensor:

    When you get to the bottom of the case where all of the ports are, you start noticing that the Poetic Borderline is not very friendly for third-party accessories. If you're using OEM Lightning cables and OEM headphones, then you certainly won't have any problems, but like Apple's original Bumper cases, the cut-outs for accessories are extremely tiny and really don't give you a lot of space for the beefier aftermarket charging cables and headphones or speakers:

    The speaker grille and microphone at the bottom of the case, on the other hand, are easy to access without much hindrance.

    On the left side of the case, you can see that both the volume up and volume down buttons are covered by the gray rubberized coating of the case for protection. The ringer/silent switch, on the other hand, is wide open and the hole is large enough for most large fingers to fit through. The buttons are a little difficult to press through the rubber, but it will get easier as you use the case more and more to wear them in:

    On the right side of the case, the sleep/wake button is also covered by the gray rubberized coating for protection, but like the volume buttons, is harder to press and you will need to break in the case for it to become easier:

    In that image, you can also see the Poetic branding printed at the bottom right side of the case.

    For what it is, the Poetic Borderline case is a really nice case for minimalists. It doesn't really offer much protection since it's just a bumper case, so this is the type of case that meticulous people will enjoy more than those that are actually hard on their iPhones. The case would offer virtually zero drop protection, however its main purpose is to give you a minimalist look and feel with the peace of mind of putting your iPhone on a table without the aluminum or glass getting scuffed up.

    You'll also really like the Poetic Borderline case if you've got limited funds, as it only retails for $14.95 on Poetic's Web site for either the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus version of the case.

    Because the Poetic Borderline case offers virtually no drop protection and because it limits us on so many aftermarket accessories, we will dock it in our rating. On the other hand, it's a very stylish and good-looking case with great minimalistic qualities that remind us of Apple's own Bumper case, so we'll give it 3 out of 5 leaves:

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    wow ugly as sin and next to no protection.

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    I had what was essentially this case for my Note 3. I HATED the buttons, which often would not activate the button underneath even with a ton of travel. Why? Because they are made of TPU and have a gap around them, so they will move side to side and squish instead of pushing the button underneath. Also, it didn't fit any microUSB 3.0 cable but Samsung's unless you stretched the TPU. Apple's iPhone 4 bumper had a plastic surround around the dock connector that was designed to fit the official Apple 30-pin cables. This one has TPU around the port which does not look like it will fit the official Apple microUSB to Lightning adapter. Why is this important? Because it means they didn't follow Apple's engineering guidelines. They could do other things, like get to close to the camera flash and bounce light back in the sensor. Lastly, they didn't even make this case. It's from an OEM that lets multiple vendors brand and sell it. For example, the same Poetic ring bumper case for the Note 3 was available as a "Bear Motion" bumper. The only difference was the packaging and logo (Bear Motion came in a bag). The gap around the TPU buttons allows dust and liquid in so it can still ruins the finish of the iPhone. FWIW, mine cracked in several places though I still continued to use it (TPU held it together and cracks were hard to see on black).

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    Right away when you feel this case you can tell its not like any other clear cheap case, this case was very well designed and everything feels smooth and look fluent. The case actually consists of mainly a high quality TPU with a polycarbonate bumper. Because the back of this case is TPU it adds a very nice soft feel to the phone and is also not going to scratch up.

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