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Thread: The Urban Armor Gear Scout Case for iPhone 6 Plus is Protective, Minimal, and Sleek

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    Default The Urban Armor Gear Scout Case for iPhone 6 Plus is Protective, Minimal, and Sleek

    Today we're looking at the Urban Armor Gear Scout, another durable case for the iPhone 6 Plus that will help keep it protected from your everyday life. The Scout is one out of several offerings from the Urban Armor Gear (UAG) case lineup, although they are named differently depending on the color, and are all the same design and form factor. The Scout is the black version of the case.

    The UAG Scout is an ultra-light, yet durable, impact-resistant case that shields the corners of your device, the sides, the rear, and even the front. The case even meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6), surpassing the needs of the average user.

    Upon opening the box and removing the contents, you will find yourself with the case itself, as well as a screen protector, and even a microfiber cloth for keeping the screen fingerprint-free:

    The inside of the case itself has a spacy interior that will cradle the iPhone and keep it suspended in its location securely, even when dropped directly on concrete:

    With the iPhone pressed inside of the case, it already feels much safer from the elements. It's extremely sturdy, and the iPhone doesn't have any movement inside of the case. The rugged exterior of the case feels great in your hand and it sits firmly on almost any surface:

    As you can see, nothing on the front of the device is disturbed by the case. If you install the screen protector, that could affect the display's sensitivity, but installing the screen protector is optional and we didn't even bother. A lip around the edge of the front of the case means that you can place your iPhone face-down on a table with this case and the display will never meet the table.

    The Touch ID sensor, the front-facing camera, front-facing ambient light sensor, and front-facing speaker are well-accessible through the case:

    You can also see that the sleep/wake button is protected by the case. Surprisingly, the button is extremely easy to press. We have to give UAG some serious props here, because they have probably one of the easiest-to-press covered button designs we've ever used. Most cases that have any kind of rubber over the buttons make the buttons harder to press to the point where it requires more force, but not the UAG Scout!

    The same can be said for the volume up and volume down buttons, which are both covered by the case like the sleep/wake button is:

    The ringer/silent switch is exposed, and thanks to the large cut-out, is very easy to access no matter if you have small or large fingers.

    The bottom side of the UAG Scout gives plenty of room for those that need uninterrupted access to the Lightning port, 3.5mm headphone jack, bottom microphone, and bottom speaker:

    Many of your aftermarket (as well as OEM) headphones and Lightning cables will work with this case thanks to the larger cut-outs.

    On the back of the case, the rear-facing camera, rear-facing flash, and rear-facing microphone are all well exposed to the open so that your photographs, sound, and lighting aren't hindered by the case:

    The design on the rear of the case is very utilitarian-looking. This is probably one of the coolest designs we've seen yet:

    A closer look at the logo and the screw-like designs etched into the backing:

    The UAG Scout has a very solid look and feel. It definitely feels like we'll be able to give it a beating without sacrificing our iPhone 6 Plus, and that's a good feeling. We wouldn't think twice about using a case that made us feel otherwise. The build quality of this case is outstanding!

    The UAG Scout for the iPhone 6 Plus retails for $39.95 on UAG's Web site. While the Scout is the black version of this case, you also have the following options:

    • UAG Aero (blue)
    • UAG Maverick (clear)
    • UAG Navigator (white)
    • UAG Outland (orange)
    • UAG Valkyrie (pink)
    • UAG Scout (black)

    iPhone 6 versions of this case are also available in the same colors listed above, although because of the smaller size, the case is $34.95 instead of $39.95.

    Because of the fair price tag, stylish look, protective feel, military rating, and lack of much negative feedback, we're giving the UAG Scout 3 out of 5 leaves. 3, and not 5, because the price could definitely come down more being that it's just a one-piece case with only medium-duty protection and also because it does have a generic look and feel to it.

    Stay tuned for more!
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    Sorry, it looks like every other case out there (except for the ugly logo on the back). Very small lip too. Yawn.

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    I don't know, it looks fine to me. I like the fact that it is M I L-STD, The original specks cases were MIL-STD, But now they are not.

    The problem with all of these cases is of course the external speaker Jack/headphone jack, which you can't fit a regular connector into you have to buy an adapter from RadioShack. I actually had to take a knife and shave down a couple of my connectors so they would fit.

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    This case offers pretty good drop protection (tested accidentally more than a couple times... 3-5 foot drop on concrete). Have been using this on an iPhone 4 & another 4S. But it makes the iPhone quite bulky... but I love the way it has padding around all four corners... where it is most needed. The design on the back too isn't that bad... but would love to see more options.

    Hopefully in the 2 iterations of the 5 & the 5S... UAG has managed to get the weight down of the bumper.. but it will still add bulk.

    Another major Pro is that the bottom cut out on the iPhone 4 was quite large.. and the bridge usually loosens or breaks over time on other bumpers... but after 3 years of use... it is still as good as new on the UAG... no signs of stretch/slack on it.
    And since the 5, the cutout has been reduced in size and has been divided too.. so this definitely is a very durable case....

    Lastly... I need to upgrade to a 6 real soon :P

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    Is it available on Amazon? give link

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