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Thread: Incipio's Stowaway Advance iPhone 6 Plus Case Offers Credit Card Storage & Kickstand

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    Default Incipio's Stowaway Advance iPhone 6 Plus Case Offers Credit Card Storage & Kickstand

    If you have yourself one of Apple's shiny new iPhone 6 Plus handsets, but need a way to not only keep it protected, but also to store some of your much needed credit cards and/or driver's license/ID, then you will really be interested in Incipio's latest solution – the Incipio Stowaway Advance.

    Coming in at just $34.99 for both the iPhone 6 version and the iPhone 6 Plus version, the Incpio Stowaway Advance case is an affordable and stylish solution to keeping your iPhone as not only your cell phone, but also as your utilitarian Swiss-army-knife.

    The Stowaway Advance includes a storage compartment in the back of the case that lets you hold a variety of credit cards or ID cards. You can also put cash, a shopping list, a microfiber cloth, or other small things in the back of this case to take along with you. In addition, a kickstand is included, which is perfect for standing up the large display of your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to watch a YouTube video or a movie.

    Before you actually put the iPhone 6 Plus into this case, this is what you see. It's a very protective plastic case with a grippy rubberized coating to it, much like the infamous Incipio Feather case.

    As you can see, there are two doors on the back of the case. The larger one is for your credit or ID cards, and the smaller one is used as a kickstand to keep the device standing up on a flat surface.

    The interior of the case is made out of the same material as the outside, although it's dimpled to prevent dirt from laying on a flat surface and scuffing the back of the iPhone. The dimples allow any dirt that gets in to get stuck in the dimples instead of being pressed up against the aluminum of your iPhone.

    With the iPhone 6 Plus finally inside, you can see just how nicely this case snugs itself around the device for a sleek and protective covering solution. The case does not get in the way of the touch screen or the Touch ID sensor:

    From the bottom of the case, you can see that Incpio is using a similar design to their DualPro SHINE case, which we showed you a couple of days ago. The bottom is very well protected from scuffs and scratches, unlike when inside Apple's leather case, although the extra protection does limit the choice of some of your third-party accessories for headphones, speakers, and Lightning cables; All OEM equipment will work just fine:

    The large openings for the speaker grille and the microphone do not hinder sound quality whatsoever.

    On the left side of the case, we can see that the volume up and volume down buttons are covered by the case to protect them from scuffing, although the ringer/silent switch is exposed and a large enough cut-out is made for any finger to easily toggle the switch:

    On the right side of the case, the sleep/wake button is covered by the case just like the volume up and volume down buttons to protect it from scuffing and scratching. The buttons are all still very easy to press when you need to:

    From the rear of the case, you can see the nice large cut-out for the rear-facing camera, rear-facing LED flash, and the rear-facing microphone. The case does not hinder camera performance because it stays out of the way pretty well. You can also see the two doors built into the case for storage and for a kickstand, and the engraved Incipio branding at the bottom:

    Now we get into the meat and potatoes of the case; the Incipio Stowaway Advance case's whole purpose is to offer a storage solution for your favorite credit cards and ID cards. The larger door easily opens and closes when you get a fingernail under the latch and pull. When you close it, it seals shut tightly to prevent loss of sensitive materials:

    The smaller door does a great job of keeping the iPhone 6 Plus propped up so that you can watch a movie or video without having to hold your phone:

    Incipio's Stowaway Advance case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is not only a utilitarian case, but it offers excellent shock protection. The case is solid and durable, and without a doubt, can hold up to light and even medium drops. The lip around the front of the case makes it so you can lay the iPhone face-down on a table without scratching the display.

    Another thing that's worth pointing out is that for a storage case, this case does a great job of keeping a low profile without adding too much thickness to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. It feels very comfortable to hold in your hand, and the grippy rubberized surface makes it stay in your hand without giving you the feeling that you have butter fingers.

    The bottom line is that the Incipio Stowaway Advance is a very dependable and stylish case for any iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus owner, and the price tag seems fair too. Whether or not you're a fan of wallet cases, the back door can be used for much more than just credit cards and ID cards, and the protection of this case is too good to pass up. The only real complaint we have is the tight fit for third-party accessories like headphones and Lightning cables. We're giving the Incipio Stowaway Advance iPhone 6 Plus case 4 out of 5 leaves:

    If you want to order one, you can head over to Incipio's Web site. The case is available for $34.99 in the following color combinations:

    • Black on black
    • Dark gray on white
    • Gray on blue
    • Light pink on pink
    • Teal on dark gray

    Stay tuned as we keep you updated on even more cases in the near future!

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    How many cards does it hold?

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    Quote Originally Posted by exNavy View Post
    How many cards does it hold?
    3 Appears to be the maximum.

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    Something about storing all my stuff in an iPhone case just doesn't sound secure. I dunno. I guess I just feel like it's screaming, "Steal me! Steal me!"

    Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpidermanAPV View Post
    Something about storing all my stuff in an iPhone case just doesn't sound secure. I dunno. I guess I just feel like it's screaming, "Steal me! Steal me!"
    I personally don't put my credit cards in there. But if I want to carry $20 in cash, or maybe a small microfiber cloth to clean the phone up once in a while, or even a shopping list, it stores away in there nicely.

    For a wallet case, I think this is my favorite thus far. It's not bulky, and it feels comfortable to hold.

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    Unfortunately, despite Incipio’s claims that Stowaway Advance can store “up to three credit cards, cash or ID,” we found that only two regular cards can be stored securely, and even doing that will require a bit more finagling than we’d like. If you’re only carrying around your ID and a credit or debit card, for instance, this probably won’t be a problem, but users of wallet cases often want a bit more space than that.

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