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Thread: The Incipio DualPro Shine iPhone 6 Plus Case is Both Simple and Protective With Style

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    Default The Incipio DualPro Shine iPhone 6 Plus Case is Both Simple and Protective With Style

    Yesterday, we showed you Apple's leather case for the iPhone 6 Plus, but today we will be showing you an alternative case for the iPhone 6 Plus that gives you a little more protection, while continuing to stay stylish.

    Incipio's DualPro SHINE case for the iPhone 6 Plus is a decent case option for those of you looking for some medium-duty shock protection and even a little thrown-in bend protection. The DualPro SHINE is a dual-layer case – the internal layer is a silicone insert that lays inside of a thick plastic shell with a brushed-aluminum style on it. You can see the case's two pieces in the photograph below:

    The two parts to the case interlock tightly for a durable protective shell around your expensive iPhone 6 Plus. The silicone inside protects your iPhone with shock absorption from drops, while the hard outer shell keeps your device safe from scratching, crushing, and bending.

    Once placed together, you can see how smoothly the edges of the case wrap around the iPhone 6 Plus to create a sleek look with a protective shell that you can trust. The display and Touch ID sensor are not covered by the case whatsoever, so you don't have to worry about accessibility problems. On the other hand, some kind of screen protector might be recommended – this case does not come with one.

    The bottom of the case protects the bottom of the iPhone 6 Plus very well, unlike Apple's leather case. On the other hand, the added protection does take away from some of the accessibility. While Incipio appears to have done a nice job to enlarge the holes for compatibility with third-party accessories, there are still some accessories out there where the headphone jack or lightning connection may be too large to fit through the case's provided holes. The speaker and microphone, on the other hand, are not obstructed, so your sound and phone calls should be crisp as can be:

    A cut-out in the plastic shell of the case allows a thick piece of silicone to protrude where the sleep/wake button is. You can easily press this without much effort, and the silicone protects the button from scuffing:

    The same is the case with the volume buttons, both of which are also covered with the silicone lining, but are easy to press when you need to. The ringer/silent switch is exposed, but the cut-out is large enough that even those of you with larger fingers shouldn't have much trouble accessing it:

    From the rear of the case, you can see the brushed-aluminum-style finish (although plastic), with the Incipio branding sticking out via the silicone. The camera cut-out is nice and large, allowing the lens plenty of room to see. A black ring around the cut-out prevents glare from the dual-tone flash, and the rear-facing microphone is also well exposed for sound quality:

    (You can just hardly see some of the scuffs I put into the corner of the case and on the back while working this weekend with hand tools. The iPhone is still in perfect condition.)

    This past weekend, I was using this case (screen face-down on a workbench) while rebuilding a Jeep engine, and even though I dropped a few tools and parts on it, like a torque wrench and a piston, there isn't much more than a couple of tiny scratches on the back of the case itself. The engine tear-down and re-build went great, by the way:

    The iPhone is still in perfect out-of-the-box condition. I would say that this case keeps the phone decently protected from the average Joe's lifestyle. It's not too light, and it's not too overkill; it's just right.

    At the extremely fair price tag of just $34.99 for the iPhone 6 Plus (or $29.99 for the iPhone 6), the Incipio DualPro SHINE comes in the following color options:

    • Black on black
    • Gold on black
    • Gunmetal on black
    • Rose gold on blush
    • White on gray
    • Silver on gray

    The case isn't as grippy as Apple's leather case, but the hard shell gives you the confidence that a small drop isn't going to be the end of the world. We're giving the Incipio DualPro SHINE 4 out of 5 leaves because of the great protection and the great price tag, although we can't go any higher because the ports on the bottom of the case are a little bit too closed off for certain accessories to fit, like our Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speaker system.

    If you would like to order one of Incipio's DualPro SHINE cases for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you can head over to Incipio's Web site to order one.

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    Nice looking

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    I recently ordered a case for my iPhone 6 from eBay put branded as Caseology, $10, very good quality, I'm impressed, all's I'm saying.

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    The silver case is NOT as pictured! Yes it is silver but the dark part which you see in the pic is very inaccurate! It is light gray. I personally do not like the light gray. Other than that, great case. I know because my husband has the black one.

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