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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] Mountek MT5000 - CD Slot Universal iPhone Mount

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    It would be cool to win. I have been needing one for a while now.

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    I would love this! great design!

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    would love this to hold up my iphone while driving.

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    Great idea. I want one.

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    really nice and not that expansive

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    this is a pretty cool unit and the price point as well is nice as well. I would love to have one, for the rig!!!

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    Wow, thats pretty cool. Would fit well with my iphone to aux cable

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    This gadget looks unreal. I was wondering when someone was going to make something like this since they already made one for the cassette player.

    It looks neat and cool, and would be a great piece to start a conversation out with. Thought that issue with the volume buttons being blocked by it seems like a hassle, but there are way around that. Something like this is usually around 50-100$ and it's weird seeing it being sold at 20$.

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    This is what ive been looking for, i would love to win one!

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    Good price and good functionality!

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    Hmm, I've seen this before. Now that I see this on this article, I'm more willing to try it out. And if I should win then I guess it was all worth it lol

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    Wow this actually looks perfect for me! I've been trying to find a decent mount for my car and I have tried many different ones that weren't really that great and since I don't use my CD player I'll definitely have to get this one way or another!

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    I got one from them a few weeks ago and I use it every time I'm in the car. I slide it in and out so I don't even adjust it but every so often. Great product.

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    Sweet. I've been looking to buy an iPhone mount for the longest time but recently tore my Achilles making it pointless for me to buy one at this point in time. But I should be driving within the next few weeks so having one (especially a free one) would be awesome!

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    Where is the iPad version?? I'd definitely get it!! Never thought of CD slot mount. Very impressive.

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    This would be totally awesome, but considering placement of my head unit in my RX7 id be punching my damn phone when I shifted gears

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    Thats exactly what I need for my w203!!

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    This looks pretty awesome. No suction cups, that never stick. No adhesives, to mar my dash. I love it.

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    THAT IS AN AWESOME IDEA! Would love to have one.
    Now all they have to do is find a way to mount an IPad in your car.

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    Awesome! i need this!

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