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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] MasDesign Titanium IPhone Back Plate

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    a very nice back plate , would love to have one
    and how come APPLE cant come up with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by capttanhowdy View Post
    Yes they have it for CDMA but you can't buy one yet it seems. I hate that crap. Here guys. Look at this awesome item. Want one? Can't have it!

    No way. That bumper is $300 which I such a joke. These back plates are $68 which is at least a fair price. 300$ for a bumper is just stupid
    I would say $68 for a thin back plate is just as "stupid" if not more so. The bumper is an actual case that provides the titanium look on top of actual protection and function. It also requires more machining and material to create.

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    These look awesome. I love the "Patch"

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    Oh man, but does that look sweet!! Wonder if they do one in Tungsten Carbide? Until then, gimme this one!

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    I would love to see a burnt titanium finish. These look great!

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    love the super sleek look and fit of it

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    These actually look pretty awesome. The quality looks really good, specially compared to all the cheap ones ive had. It seems like it will protect the phone. Awesome review!

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    Mann! I keep thinking about this thing! I really want it, I can just imagine people's faces when I tell them it's not a case or a sticker, its the actual housing! All the styles are sleeeek and sexy. I forgot about how sexy the iPhone 4 actually is, since my back is cracked, but this replacement would make it better than the first time I took it out of the box!

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    There are so many iPhone 4s out there, this would be an awesome way to make mine stand out, and looks like it'd be super durable!

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    Finally! This Ti back would be way for me to keep my iPhone in my pocket without glass teenage daughter will talk to me again (she's refused to say anything to me except "geek" since I added the fake cabin fiber belt case)!! Please end my humiliation...

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    Just cause I'd really like to have one, \\\\\\\\\\\\

    I remember a referral.......................................... ........................................jk

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    it looks slick!

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    These are cool! I was looking at these earlier today. I would love to have this.
    If I helped thank me!

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    I'm new to this forum. On the titanium backplates for the iphone 4. Is MasDesign the seller? If not, where can I buy one?

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    These look great and hell I would buy them but can't seem to find out where. So i guess maybe I should win them instead, right? Oh and nice shoes... Thanks.

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    Send me free I'll use it.

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    uha, it seems that it's a personal giveaway, very cool~

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    Were the winners picked already

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    Winners will be picked tomorrow night!

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