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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] iCushion - An iPhone Pillow, I Mean, Right?

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    I'm in if you throw in a bumper pillow

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone RobberBoy's Avatar
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    holy cow.. that looks cool.. the one with individual iphone button as a pillow is better i guess.. but it still looks cool to me.. ^.V

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    It must be a powerful pillow when the apps on it make /me/ crash! Hold on, there's more! Even while in sleep mode, the pillow allows one to receive notifications from the custom "nagging wife" framework unintrusively.

    [edit] Ok, ok, one more! The recovery mode is great for when you stumble home after a long night of drinking err I mean an all nighter at the office! [/edit]

    Love it! I would be honored to have this copyright infringement on one end of my couch. I wonder when the giant iPad body pillow will be released? Then, and on then, will my collection be completed!
    Last edited by Imahottguy; 2011-06-04 at 01:46 PM. Reason: Thought of one more!

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    i only want this if its running ios 4.1 or if you have shsh blobs backed up for that firmware lol

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    If I don't win it, really consider buying one. Just curious how bad that smell really is. and how long it lasts...

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    I wonder how the reception is on this thing? I would want one no matter what!

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    LOL!! That is so cool! Definitly a conversation piece! And something softer to throw at people who mock apple products

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    Green Apple jenra's Avatar
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    haha love it would look good on my bed lol =D

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    would love to add this to my collection

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    I want to see an iCushion pillow fight.

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    iPhoneaholic reddawg's Avatar
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    That's pretty cool. Has @NotCom updated TinyUmbrella to back up the SHSH blobs?

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    i would really like to drool on one of these...make that possible and send me one please.

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    This is an amazing item. That is all.

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    What's Jailbreak? Crucias's Avatar
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    I have an iPhone 3G running iOS4 and im pretty sure the iCushion with its A2 (see what i did there?) processor would run Angry Birds faster!

    Feed my addiction, feed me! (in other words i would like it too )
    Last edited by Crucias; 2011-06-04 at 08:44 AM. Reason: Self-Derp!

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    Haha now I can never be without my iPhone.

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    i want ooooooone!

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    I'm always waking up with neck aches...I wonder if this will cure that?

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    freaking sweet!!!! be a nice add on to my dorm room

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    Is there a white version or is it delayed until next year? The black is still fine with me...

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