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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] iChair: Now your iDevice can Sit Comfortably

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    Default [GIVEAWAY] iChair: Now your iDevice can Sit Comfortably

    Ever get tired of staring down at your iPad or iPhone while watching a movie or reading your favorite book? Well the guys over at GoiChair have made it so both you and your favorite iDevice can now sit together happily.

    The Chair works great in either landscape or portrait modes, on both the iPad and iPhone versions. The back stand is durable but not rigid (has a slight give to it when pressing down on the iPad). The back clasp for the stand is a bit of a pain to open, Iíd advise using a key or coin to pop it as I could barely get it open with my fingers (ladies donít try using your designer nails on this, it will probably break them!).

    Sleek and smooth, with a soft feel to it, the iChair is very visually appealing... It is a classy matte black (hey, black's always in style) with some white around the edges of the back stand. There are openings for all the controls/plugs and when open the stand rotates to accommodate multiple viewing angles (you donít have to close it and reopen to change from landscape to portrait). You can also use it as a digital slideshow frame (you could set it on your desk and have a slideshow of your kids/family for example).

    Unfortunately while it is sleek, the iChair is not light, weighing in at roughly 60% of the iPad itself. The iPhone version fairs better in the weight department but loses all of its sleekness, nearly doubling the size of your phone. Great if your iPhone is your main media device on the go (if you watch moves, read books, facetime etc. a lot with your phone) but not practical, in my opinion, for the average user. Again, almost the opposite is true for the iPad, as almost everyone using an iPad uses it for media, and the stand allows you to watch your favorite show or movie in a hands free manner.

    At $49.99 and $34.00 for the iPad and iPhone versions, respectively, the iChair is a great buy for the at home iPad user while being slightly lackluster for iPhone users.
    Of course, you could just comment below and you might get lucky enough to be one of the 3 random winners (we have 1 iPad and 2 iPhone4 iChairs) we choose this from the commenters!

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone DoWoRkSoN's Avatar
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    I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT ONE!!!! I get tired at looking at my friend have this on his Android. It's really useful when using it with Netflix !!! Give me give me give me please!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

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    Horrible buy for any smart consumer. I made my own stand easily out of some spare legos and could make one out of wood if need be.

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    I like the iChair for the iPad. It def serves more of a purpose. I cant see using it with my iphone as much. I would def look into purchasing one for my iPad, I have been looking for a case with a stand that was clean and classy. Well done!

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    Man this looks cool. I have been looking for one like this since I got my iPhone 4. I would love to have one of these.

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    Those things are sick!

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    Man this is a cool case. I have been looking for one like this since I got my iPhone 4. I would love to have this. Thanks.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone chris52204's Avatar
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    This would be very helpful while watching movies on either my iPad or iPhone. These look good too!
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    Looks nice would love to win one

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    Hope I can get an Ichair for my ipad

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    I can never have enough stands. And currently I have zero so this would be a good start.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    iChair, eh? Eh, count me in.

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    Pretty sweet. Look very cool.

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    Does it work in landscape mode for the iphone?

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    Green Apple d4k4's Avatar
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    Talking about hands free when viewing videos and movies. Tired of holding my iPhone when doing so...Send it my way pleeeeeeeeeaaaase!!!!!

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    i'd love to win one of these for my ipad or my iphone 4

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    Green Apple
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    i'm in for the giveaway

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    I would really like one of these, I have an iphone 4 and an iPad so I would be grateful to have either one.

    I would love to win the iphone or ipad case....need one badly....

    maybe I wasn't pleading enough.... really really need one lol.....

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    I want one

    Pretty please

    Thanks on advance on selecting me

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    Looks great and well made by the pictures, this would look ace on my ipad. This is actully one of the nicer cases I have seen pictured on this site and I`m liking it alot.

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