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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] The iPod Nano Watch Showdown

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    I really like the Lunatik one! It looks more proportional than the Paradox one but all of them are great ideas. I don't like the fact the last one can fall out easy and get dinged up but its nice to see some cool ideas like these coming out for the devices. Now they just need one of these for the iPhone

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    I like them all. I can't even remember the last time I used a wrist watch. The last time was probably before cell phones became mainstream. But I would rock one of these.

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    I really like the design of the LunaTik. I have been debating getting one now for a couple weeks with my iPod Nano. Cant decide. Hopefully the decision will be made for me by MMi.

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    I think they are kinda cool. I wonder if somebody can incorporate my iPhone 4 into a belt buckle?

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    This is just extraordinary and brilliant. The casing adds a touch of elegance to the already beautiful design of the nano. Kudos to the all included in the awesome design. This just shows.. With a great product comes great accessories. And this is where they become 1 in the same. #APPLECCESSORIES

    @Kyle Excellent post as always +10

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    Wow you guys just managed to show me an even better watch than the LunaTic
    I've been looking at buying an iPod Nano just to be able to wear it in the LunaTic, and now I see the Paradox which looks even better. Any of these cases would be glued to my arm until they are completely worn out (in years and years that is).

    But this giveaway just completely caught my eye since I've been looking at this for the last month, it's just been a matter of the price for me.

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    I like the Paradox!!!

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    This is just extraordinary and brilliant. It adds a touch of elegance to the already beautiful design of the
    nano. Kudos to all involved in the design. This just shows.. with an great apple product (all of them), comes
    great accessories. This product makes them one in the same. #APPLECCESSORIES.

    @Kyle. Great post as always. +10

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    They all look good! I'd like to see a leather band sometime in the future...

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    The LunaTik is so beast

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    It would be nice if they made leather and pleather straps. I will look into these and im sure ppl will definately mod the clock so you can always have a different display.

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    This...IS REALLY COOL@!! I hope I win what an awesome "watch"~!!

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    I think they all look nice and personally the size doesn't look to big at all...well unless those pictures are of Brock Lesnar wearing them

    Also, I'm wondering since these are in fact Nano's how come there's no pics of it displaying anything other than the time???

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    Really nice. I always needed a digital watch. I wouldn't mind getting any of these as all look great! Hope I win.

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    i would love to have the diesel and the black one that glows in blue i think this was a great idea i wonder if they play music either way its still cool two thumbs up apple

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    Very cool tech. I love all three!!! they all have something to offer. I would get a small blu-tooth adapter so that you can take advantage of having your ipod on your wrist!!

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    I love these Nano watch cases! I have no real need for a Nano, but these cases may make me run out & buy one. The surround cases make them a bit larger than I like, but they are just so cool! I must have one!

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    The Paradox is now at its funding goal, but there are still 30 hours left to pre-order your own Paradox kit to GUARANTEE you receive one (modmyi is only giving out one) at the cheaper kickstarter price (retail price will be higher)

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    What sort of an idiot would wear a nano as a watch?

    Apart from me, obviously.

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    Those are the best looking watches I ahve ever seen ;-)

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