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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] The iPod Nano Watch Showdown

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    Very elegant design. I would wear them any time.

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    This is a really slick design. I bet for a big guy like me (6'4" 290) it wouldn't look that large on my wrist. It's nice to see people bringing "watches" back into fashion.

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    Personally, im a 'lunatik,' i'd been following Scott Wilson since he shot his $15k Kickstarter goal in the face! i love the overall industrial look of that particular watch, i think the width of the band is great, the aerospace grade aluminum is cool, and the metal nub and buckle is just genius. The fact that it's attention grabbing will make an impressive conversation piece. Though you compromise some of the nanos functionality, its a fair trade for solid protection and awesomeness. The Nano's sole purpose in this universe was to be worn on the wrist with such incredible style anyway. Thanks Kyle!

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    I'm interested to see how comfortable wearing an iPod Nano as a watch during a run would be. Both designs are quite cool I must say!!!

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    I love the extra protection of the Paradox and LunaTik, but would have a hard time paying an extra 40-50% of the value of the nano itself for a case - in my mind, the $50-60 price range seems more reasonable. That being said, I DO like the idea a lot better than the elastic wristband variety I've seen, and the design looks awesome, very 1990's digital watch style, love it.

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    Default No, the rubber is real nice!
    Quote Originally Posted by cgmcdaniel View Post
    Love the LunaTik, but how about making it with either a leather or metal band. Nothing screams geek more than a black rubber watch band.
    No, the rubber is real nice! But you could easily change out the band as long as it's the right width.

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    Before seeing these I'd have said "no way, no how am I ever wearing an iPod as a watch!" but these are actually pretty cool looking!

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    All of them look great. The Tiktok is great, like you said, if you want quick removal, the paradonx seems a but more "watch like" which is a plus style wise but, for me, the lunatik takes the cake. I love the industrial vibe and the ease of connection and accessibility seals the deal for me.

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    The design is really awesome! It doesnt look 'geeky' either. Would really like to have one of these!

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    Just epic, so in love with these watches

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    And The Paradox Kickstarter campaign looks fully funded now!

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    It looks really cool I just wish someone would make a water resistant case for it. maybe one day

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    Lunatik = Red lipstick, French Pedicure Sexxy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by auh View Post
    My favorite is the Paradox, by far! It offers the most protection. I also like the look of the Tiktok, but I'm not a fan of the nano being so exposed. I'm also not a fan of the Lunatik. It kinda looks cheaply made with that line in the middle.

    My only worry would be with any of these is I would be so scared of water damage to the nano. I work in a restaurant and wash my hands every few minutes. I also have my iPhone wired into my motorcycle helmet so I can listen to music on the road. I could easily run a wire down my sleeve to a nano watch, but once again I would be scared if it rained...
    The Lunatik's seam in the middle has slightly beveled edges, looks a little bit like the iPhone 4's antenna seams... very high quality.

    I think you could put a screen protector on the Nano and with The Paradox be pretty well protected from water splashes.

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    I like all 3 designs! Big watches are the "in" thing these days so how perfect is that!?

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    This is such a great idea. A nice clean band.

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    Hope I win the Paradox it's the coolest one

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    I am a huge watch geek, and I need one of these for my collection!!!! Great review Larry.

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