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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] The iPod Nano Watch Showdown

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    What's Jailbreak? Clemons003's Avatar
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    They all are equally nice....

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    I can't decide which one I like best; they're all cool!

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    Will I look a prat with a pink nano in the tiktok? ;/ Still want one

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    I think they all look great, and I love how they hide the connector under the side flap makes it look classy. Over all they seem to actully be somthing may people well want and enjoy. Dare I say a perfect gift for someone who has everything. The price is also fair too which is a added bonus, style and looks all for under 80 bucks.

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    Even though it's mentioned in the article, it bears repeating. These Nano watches are big, so if that's a concern to you, look for the smallest band/holder possible, which for now, is the TikTok. The others, while offering a slightly more secure way to hold the Nano, really add to the bulk. I know, because I have a LunaTik. I also wish they'd come out with something other than plastic for the strap.
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    My iPhone is a Part of Me
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    Let's hope the teeny boppers don't rape this fashion statement. I would love to wear one and see people turn their heads to double take! Regardless the fact that I already have an iPhone to tell me the time, this would be a cool additional gadget to add to my arsenal of electronics. Kudos to those that get selected to sport this unique piece of fashion.

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    The idea of turning a ipod nano into a watch is a brilliant idea. The LunaTik is the best looking one in my opinion. Nevertheless you cant go wrong with any of the choices.

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    Wow I'm really feeling all three of these! Would love to have one!

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    They are hot! That Paradox one is really official, but they all are head turners for the summer. I will have to cop up even though I already have a iPhone 4 I need a Nano now!

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    I really liked the LunaTik design and a watch made out of an Apple product would be uber cool. Fingers crossed

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    These are sweeeet. I was just checking out the tick tocks the other day. Honestly, this would be perfect for running, which is the exact reason I was checking them out in the first place. I have a regular ipod, but it's not quite as simple, especially when trying to time my run. Anyways, these are sick, and I'd love to get one... even more so if it was free.

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    I think the TikTok looks awesome. When the nano was upgraded I thought it was the girliest looking pos, but now! I wont even think about getting a real watch.

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    I like the lunatic. Looks like a watch and protects the body

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    My iPhone is a Part of Me RandyTG's Avatar
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    These concepts just go to show you that there will always be people that will use tech products for purposes other than the ones envisioned by the creators, and in this specific case other than almost everyone. I would never have thought to use my iPod Nano as a watch, but it is a cool option.

    Mechanical watches (the ones with all of the gears and metal parts) have been getting larger over the years and have started to trend smaller this year, so it is somewhat of a surprise that there would be such interest in a watch of this size, but the coolness factor can't be beat.

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    I really love the Lunatik, especially the red one. But all are very innovative and show how versatile apple products can be.

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    Great idea. Can't believe apple never came up with it.

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    Whoo, these things are awesome, I was gonna buy a 6 gen Nano just for one of these.
    If you give me a Paradox (would prefer) or LunaTik, you would make it much easier for me, would only have to grab a Nano and would do it in a heartbeat. These things are so beautiful.

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    They are all Awesome! I like the Paradox one the best!

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    I have a pretty thin wrist, so I guess the TikTok would be best for me. I also like the black casing look better than the silver. All the watch bands need some work though, but I suppose a replacement band could easily be bought. PICK ME!!!!

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    I would have to say I like the Paradox more. It seems to protect the nano more and I feel that the band will be more stylish. However, the lunatik and the tiktok aren't bad at all!
    Im just weary because I have very small wrists. I might be swaggin a bit to much.

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