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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] The iPod Nano Watch Showdown

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    The Paradox looks kinda cool, but the lunatik is sexier! Props to all, great designs!

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    The Paradox is awesome. The design looks tough, but refined, the buttons and connector door are nice touches. The Lunatik comes in close to the paradox, i almost like its look a little bit more. The groove down the center actually adds a nice touch to it. As for the TikTok, meh, the plastic might look like metal but probably wears like plastic.
    The watch idea is pretty sweet, I would love to rock a nice geeky nano watch. My .02.

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    nice watch,

    wow, thats cool watch,

    nice watch,
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    a reason for me to buy a nano... oh imagine an iphone watch... how big it would be... you would have to wear it around your neck like flava flav. introducing the new gold iphone clock on a chain..

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    Love the designs! What an awesome giveaway. Keep doing what you do best modmyi!

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    As a watch collector I have to have one, that is very stylish!!

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    The Paradox looks completely amazing! I would love one for my Nano! The LunaTik and TikTok also look stunning and brilliant!

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    The Paradox for sure!!!!

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    The Paradox is in my opinion the coolest design i've seen so far.
    I think the idea of having an Ipod used as a watch realy cool (apple fan talking)

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    now if only apple comes out with a calculator app for the nano then i'd be the coolest geek on the elevator sporting two with the time, one for simple math involving more than 10 fingers

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    I've been thinking of getting a nano watch and these just might me it. They're the best I've seen thus far.

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    The three of them looks amazing!!! I like the way they manage to make it look like regular watches. Simply beautiful!!

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    I would love one! My Nano can become more than a Gym workout player then!

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    These look really nice. I'm a watch collector and one of these would fit my collection perfectly.

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    Looks cool. Hopefully this wont lead to many many Nano's getting lost or worse stolen from kids in school. The new favorite target of bullies.

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    Amazing!! All 3 of those watches look awesome. The water resistance issue is a minor setback, but it`s not something i would wear to the beach!

    Super sweet!


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    " We'll also be sending a Paradox to a random commenter once they go into production"
    It's time for bed when I was reading this I thought it said once they( winner of that style watch) go into protection./WTF/? I remember seeing the first concept Of these but it wast a nano. Would live to have one so I can become trendy too but I don't own a nano. It should come with one! Now that would be a giveaway. If I would win I would have to consider buying one just because. Always enjoy a MMI giveaway

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    They look really cool But I do not know if I could shell out money for all that for something I would end up messing up.

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    These watches are sexy!! I wouldn't mind walking around with that watch on me, I want everyone to know I'm a geek, I'm very proud of what I am. Hopefully I get lucky and win one of these, I'd toss out my traditional watch for one of these.

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    the paradox and lunatik look really awesome! i love the brown metal look! give them to me!!!!

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