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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] The iPod Nano Watch Showdown

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    I am seriously considering buying a nano because of these watch straps.
    Hopefully there will be a software update to allow more watch functions for the nano though.
    Great article.
    I wouldn't mind winning any of the straps as they all look great to me.

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    Wow, rad design!

    I'd choose the TikTok, for key-dollarsign-sha.
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    The potential for the growth of these accessories for the Nano are very high. Great fashion and functionality.

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    Definetely would go with the paradox one, it looks really cool. If i happen to win it i'd have to go and buy a nano just for it

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    The clocks are pretty cool.
    TikTok is my favorite

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    This is the only reason I want a Nano... the watch capability. Would love to get my hands on one of the wristbands, due to the fact that by the time you purchase a new nano and accessories, you could have gotten the new Ipod Touch for the same price. But.... gotta feed my Apple addiction, right?

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    I'm a random commenter! I'm a random commenter! Does that mean I get one!? I have huge wrists and need this guys! Make my day and shoot me a Paradox or a LunaTik! I'll send you back pictures of it on someone with a huge wrist. Thx!

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    I wish these companies would get a little more creative with the materials (and colors) they use for the bands.

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    i would have to say the Paradox is by far the sweetest of them all.

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    I have to agree with milder. Paradox & LunaTik seem very slick, I think I'd like the TIkTok personally.
    New toys for all of us to be drooling over, although 80 bucks for a watch seems quite fair.

    Price I paid for my 1 watch I coulda had all 3 of these. Great Ideas nonetheless

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    They all look pretty neat. The red nano looks best though :d

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    These all look great. I'd be happy with anyone of them. Might get the most use out of the TikTok though.

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    I agree all are very pleasing to the eyes but I really love the Paradox because it has the superior protection for the nano, but I love the TikTok because yo can easily take out the iPod nano and if you have multiple TikTok bands such as the black or the white one, you can easily change it on the go. However the Paradox and Lunatik you need tools to get the iPod out. Unless you have multiple iPod nanos then why not get them all. But I really heading towards the Paradox because it also features interchangeable straps, and spoke to the creator via message, he will be making a strap that is similar to my fave brand, Gucci's famous green/red/green colors. So I can't wait to get my hands on that.

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    The LunaTik is by far the best looking iPod Nano Watch Conversion Kit.

    As for TikTok, i think its great as well but i do feel that it will not protect the nano from any sort of accidental bumps here and there which I believe "will happen frequently considering the size of the nano". However TikTok still looks sexy.

    Paradox is an awesome one as well and the amount of protection it has on the nano is impressive. The strap on the Paradox is a little thin for my liking but overall a great design.

    The LunaTik does not protect the nano as good as the Paradox, but the design is amazing. Simple, sleek and beautiful. I'm getting an iPod Nano 6th Gen very soon and the only image I have in my head now is to use it as a watch...a cool & stylish watch.

    Overall, all three products are awesome and i'm looking forward to see what other designs that other companies might come up with in the future.

    I'm also rather interested to see what Apple might come up with for the next 7th Gen iPod Nano now that the iPod Nano 6th Gen Watches are becoming a huge trend.

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    these are the most elegant looking watches for ipod nano that i've seen

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    These look simplistic and professional. I always wanted to use the iPod Nano Touch as a watch, but there were mostly just plasticy kidy bands. This look sleek and awesome. This is perfect, and would look amazing.

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    So, Did I win one of these yet?

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