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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] The iPod Nano Watch Showdown

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    I always dreamed of an iPod watch and I hope ModMyI will help me fulfill my dream by giving me one of these.

    Thank you

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    all of them look friggin cool

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    These are REALLY cool, I saw it on kickstarter a while back and I've wanted one ever since.

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    love it hopefully i win it

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    The paradox looks really cool! The design is much more conventional then the others.

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    i love the look of the Paradox, its very business like and looks high teck, would be a great gift for a birthday present for my dad ?

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    I like the paradox personally, just the sleekness of it all, which goes hand in hand with apple products really, or should that be wrist in wrist!!!

    Can I have one please?!


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    I'm hoping next years nano will be able to somehow sync with the iPhone. We get a call, text, then we can just look at our wrist.

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    Plastic tiktok would be cool.. i like black.Thanks Modmyi...

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    the paradox is great in terms of physical design, but the stainless steel makes it heavier as time goes by especially when you get tired from the day's work making it uncomfy to wear at the end of the day. i guess i'll go with the lunatik. you get the aluminum that feels a little like a stainless steel but lighter. the tiktok is ok but the plastic material makes it feel cheap.

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    I Like All Three But Would Probably Have To Go With The Paradox For The Look. Hope They Make One That Fully Protects The iPod So That It Is Water Resistant. That Will Rock!

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    I think this watch is very different! actually like it!. and my gf likes it too. (for once!!) if i win i will rush to the apple store and buy a nano..... or maybe craigslist lol! in dying need of a new watch!

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    I would greatly enjoy this watch out of sheer geek-a-tude

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    these things are awesome i would wear mine everyday!!!!

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    This is a tough choice, I like the style of the TikTok but I also think it looks a little uncomfortable... I really like the Paradox for the colour and that it looks like great on MY wrist!!! Paradox it is

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    They are so pretty!

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    This is hella coool dude, I like thema ll

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    frikking awesome... over-sized watches FTW. and it plays music goodness at a touch...

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    I'd love a TikTok if this is still open?

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    I think that this is a brilliant idea. It will be the most up to date watch that you can do. Still kinda geeky though. However since its a plastic wristband Id be curious just to use it for exercise related use. Then again this wouldnt really solve the problem of the cord flapping around all over the place. I guess if they keep the design the same basic one (apples ipod that is) then future versions can go even further into creating calendar and other related iphone apps that could be used in a more beneficial way then what the nano already does.

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