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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] The iPod Nano Watch Showdown

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    this is a really cool idea! i bought ipod nano last year and i have used it only a couple of times, because it was just easier for me to use my iphone for music!
    but as a watch... thats a fantastic idea! lets hope i win 1 !!!!

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    love the look, would love to have one as a watch!
    i want one!

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    I'd like to have one of those. They look great. Surprise me with either of them.

    Let me get one of those. Pick for me, I'll take either. Thanks

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    These are pretty damn cool I must say! I Would rock any version!

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    I have debated with myself several times over getting a nano for this very use. I haven't yet but I would like to. So if you pick me I'll be that much closer to getting one.
    I have also thought, man that would be a big watch but then I think about my friend who has a watch about that size. Plus big watches are fashionable now days.
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    my nano watch just broke....and one of these would look very attractive on my wrist and think the ladies will agree!

    dear modmyi, help me get laid....

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    I have been following these watch bands since new nano's came out. they quickly became trend internationally.

    Its extremely cool and catches a lot of attention

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    Id love to have either one of those! The tik tok is a favorite of mine though!

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    I was planning to plug in earphones while wearing this as a watch.

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    I'll give this a shot. I'd like to see this on my wrist.

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    these look awesome!
    they look so smooth yet sophisticaed

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    I absolutely love the idea and products just wish I had the money to buy it!

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    and thats a wrap. a big thanks to all the supporters and individuals who became backers for the Paradox Kickstarter campaign. The Paradox will be going into a production and All Geek Everything will be designing a new website where we will be taking pre-orders for the Paradox. To stay up-to-date with all Paradox news follow me on twitter Twitter and All Geek Everything Twitter

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    Dammit Mannnnn, Why didn't I think of this!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I would go for the TikTok but the LunaTik Caught my eye!

    Dammit Mannnnn, Why didn't I think of this!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I would go for the TikTok but the LunaTik Caught my eye!

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    I personally like the LunaTik. The band has the same design throughout giving it a clean look. I am also a fan of the wider band. Second favorite is the Paradox, I like metal things. With the TikTok, I would break it then be sad.

    Like them all though, very clean.

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    This is really an ingenious idea. All 3 of the models look professional, yet I do prefer the TikTok just because of the ease of access. If I planned on using it as a full-time watch, the LunaTik is clearly the way to go.

    Kudos to fellow Chicagoan Scott Wilson on these designs, and I hope to win one of these soon.

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    Just starting my first internship in Manhattan with a big banking firm. I figure one of these will give me the perfect amount of attention that'll keep me remembered after I graduate from school. Which hopefully can lead to a future job!

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    I think all three watches look amazing and I would feel very lucky to get a single one of them

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    I couldn't help but login after almost a year just to get this sweet tech. -droid fan now tho

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    Those are awesome, my son is 5 and he is already a huge apple fan. Can hardly get my iPad from him. I will defiantly get one of these for him. He also has a fascination with watches. Perfect gift for a tech kid.

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