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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] The iPod Nano Watch Showdown

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    I love all of them !! They bring a new meaning to fashion and its looks pretty convenient. Good stuff Aplle

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    LunaTik sounds good and cheaper to start with

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    I WAS a huge fan of the lunatik, till i saw the paradox, but damn does that make a nano look gorgeous. So much in fact that i went and did the $69 pledge, despite the fact that I dont actually own a nano yet, but this gives me an excuse to retire my Tissot MSN Spot watch and upgrade to a Nano I guess. But boy do I wish i had an extra $299 laying around to get one of the titanium ones. In any case, Im not a huge fan of the tiktok, I think it looks a little less like a watch and a little more like a nano strapped to your wrist.

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    Such a simple idea, but so brilliant as well. I will absolutely be buying one (assuming I don't win, which I do assume since I never win anything ) although I would be a little concerned about protection for the TikTok.

    Amazing though. Kudos.

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    Those are amazing!! Im a fan of watches and have a decent collection of spiffy ones, but having one of these would definitely take the cake! So heres to luck, and her lovely (though rarely given) touch!!

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    All 3 of them are original and unique. But I think the paradox is the most apple-like one, and we all know apple is perfect!

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    I think it's a pretty cool idea. I like the TikTok personally

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    Hi. I love The Paradox.

    The concept of having a watch and an iPod Nano is just awesome. Imagine these things getting so important in our day to day lives. Who would have thought of getting an iPod Nano fit your wrist, with all the purposes solved; music & watch combined. If more features get in like video, wifi/3G, bluetooth etc. this would be a great gadget. All of this wouldn't be possible without Apple's mastermind on the iPod Nano.

    Way to go, designers.


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    It's simply brilliant to be able to wear an iPod on your wrist. Love the LunaTik with red Nano.

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    I love the TikTok, I dig the design and while yes a nano on your wrist may be a tad wide the TikTok really brings in the style while directing away from the width. Major props to the designer and I would sport that everyday in personal ventures as well as business!

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    Little protection? No worries, I'm pretty protective about my hardware anyway.

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    Plastic tiktok would be cool.. i like black and simplicity..

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    Hm, what do I think about this..? I think it's pretty freakin' awesome. All I ever wanted was random women in elevators to notice me and my kick *** watch. Oops, I meant men, random men in elevators. Besides, who could ever resist a geek? Especially one ballsy enough to wear their iPod nano as a watch?!

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    Looks great to me. Would love to wear one.

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    i think this is gonna be the first watch ill willing to spend on.

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    Truly the ultimate in apple nerddom

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    With all the large watches in today's fashion (i.e. Jacob's, etc) the size shouldn't really be a big issue. I like the geeky kinda look that watch has. I wonder how practical it is to wear a Nano on your wrist every day though.....

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    I knew about the LunaTik and the TikTok .. but WOW, the Paradox is just as elegant and VERY believable as a true watch. These 3 choices really brings the nano to a whole new level.

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    cant choose which watch is better between the Paradox and TikTok

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