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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] The iPod Nano Watch Showdown

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    Very solid review, Larry. The Paradox would be my first choice because I love its design. I visited their KickStarter page and see they have great pledge deals from allgeekeverything. I'd definitely pledge $300 if I had the money, just for that Limited Edition Titanium Paradox. The best I could do is pledge $70 but i'm sure every dollar counts even after they've already passed their $15,000 goal. I'm looking forward to the getting my own paradox kit in the near future.

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    I have been waiting for someone to do this right for a while now. The true definition of Style, Form and Function.

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    These watches look so cool, they may be a little big but they're definitely going to stand out!

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    I would love to roll this watch around NYC! I stopped wearing watches but will go back to wearing one if you hook me up. Come on this is my first try to get one of these posting deals. Hook me UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They All look nice so any of them will do!

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    I really want one of these it would be sick to have and show off. I can wait until they release an iphone in the size of a nano so i can wear my iphone as a watch!

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone VaderForce's Avatar
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    Amazing & congrats to all three companies using their imagination for making Apple products even more integrated into our lives.

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    Love them all! And modmyi btw

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    I really like the Tik Tok. The paradox and the LunaTik are too awkward looking for me.

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    My iPhone is a Part of Me scarflaire's Avatar
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    Damn, that might just get me to start wearing watches again!

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    Clock only stays on for 1.5 sec?!? Thats lame, who wants a watch that is a black screen all the time? Its a cool idea and when theres a Cydia app to make my "new watch" display the time at a glance it will have my full support...

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    I think these watches are awesome and I am so jealous of those who have some... Why wouldn't you want a multifunctional device like the nano as a watch... and plus who goes in the water with regular watches anyways. thumbs up for this accessory

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Having an iPod on your wrist as a watch is cool.

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    That's just like, your opinion, man.

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    I had absolutely no interest in wearing a nano as a watch but now that I've seen these designs, I really like the idea. The TikTok is probably my favorite

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    The Lunatik and the TikTok look pretty cool! I wouldn't mind carrying a little bit of heft on my wrist to show off my geek creds, its just a part of the experience -- like having a calculator watch.

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    Seems like a pretty cool concept but would be tough to use on runs (when I use my iPod most) would be nice to try though

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    I think its definitely a pretty slick design. I wonder if they will eventually
    make one that is watertight or submerge-able?

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    I would LOVE to have one of those!

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    really. their all kinda neat Wouldn't be suprised to see this stuff on before too much longer

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    This is a great idea. It gives the new iPod nano another useful purpose. I remember when something like this was only a sketched prototype of what people envisioned for the new line of iPods. Hopefully this product will be successful because I see it as not only practical, but a nice gesture as well.

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