Everybody loves to accessorize their iPhone or iPad with a cool case – for protection and for a little style. Today we’re taking a look at one of the hotter offerings… a bold red iPad tote bag and matching iPhone pouch, both made by Sena Cases.

It seems like Sena is synonymous with quality leather these days. We’ve had several of their models in for review now, so it comes as no surprise that they’ve been making quality cases for more than 10 years.

Superior materials and excellent craftsmanship are the name of the game and these two cases are excellent examples. Even the packaging is nice! This the kind of stuff you can give as a gift, and feel like you’re really treating someone.

The Sacola iPad Tote Bag in ‘Croco Red,’ features dual-textured leather: a crocodile pattern over the main portion of the bag, bordered in a smooth thick frame of single-stitched leather. It’s the type of accessory that’s classy enough for a night out, or with jeans just heading over to the coffee shop. No matter where you go, you’ll be making a pretty bold statement!

Sena’s logo is subtly embossed on a raised rectangular badge in the lower right corner. Classy, but not overstated. Inside, the soft micro velvet lining cuddles your iPad without scratching.

A nice surprise is the magnetic closure inside the two handles that pop together with a very satisfying “clap.” Other than the iPad, there’s not much else going inside the tote. A grocery list maybe, but isn’t that why you have an iPad?

If you know one of those girls that really enjoys stuff that coordinates, a perfect match to the Croco Red Sacola iPad Tote is the Red Colcha iPhone 4 Pouch. This is a padded, elegantly quilted designer sleeve that fits (only) the iPhone 4. We’ve reviewed some other great Sena cases that work well for the 3G/3GS. The 3G and 3GS are just slightly too thick to fit the Colcha case. Or let’s say they fit, but you’ll never get them out in time if it’s ringing.

And that’s a really cool design feature of the Colcha Pouch: the way you get the iPhone 4 out. The keyring hanger, which provides easy attachment to a purse strap or bag handle, also provides the method for popping the iPhone out of the pouch. As you pull on the tab attached to the ring, the strap forces the iPhone up and out of the pouch. Nice.

The bottom end of the pouch has small perforated holes to aid hearing the iPhone speaker when it’s ringing. I would probably just insert the iPhone with the speaker facing up and out of the mouth of the pouch and not take any chances.

Similar to the Sacola iPad case, once the iPhone’s in there you’re not getting anything else in the Colcha Pouch. Not even a tube of lipstick. And that’s fine… isn’t that what purses are for anyway? That and losing an iPhone inside.

Here’s where a pouch like this makes a lot of sense. While I’m not a big fan of sleeve cases, hanging this pouch on a purse strap or handle seems like a great way to keep an iPhone handy without having to dig through makeup, keys, and all that other lady stuff. At least my wife seemed to think this was a pretty great idea!

If the bold red isn’t quite your style but these models look appealing, hit up senacases.com to check out the other color options. The Sacola iPad Tote Bag retails for $120 and is available in plain red or black as well as Croco Black featuring the same texture as our review sample. The Colcha Pouch retails for $39.95 and also comes in black, white, and tan/cream. Of course, we’re also giving away one of each – leave a comment and we’ll pick a winner Thursday!

Review by Larry Wiezycki. Larry works in TV and media production as part of an Investigative Team for a consumer advocacy law firm, James-Hoyer. He’s received 4 Emmy awards and has been an avid iOS and OS X user for years.