We’ve been doing reviews of Sena cases the past few days, and this one is my favorite. Mostly because of a feature which doesn’t even seem to be intended… although I’ll get to that later. The Sena Sarach Dockable iPad case is yet another example of the sleek style Sena creates from Italian leather. It’s class from the packaging to the fit… and you pay for it.

When you get the Sarach Dockable it comes in a glossy black box, and within that is wrapped in a soft fabric drawstring pouch with Sena’s name on it. The hand-sewn two-tone stitching is tightly wound and gives the leather a form-fitting wrap on the iPad. The device slides in perfectly and a fold-over flap of leather snaps on the back to hold the iPad in the case. The lack of a flap to cover the front of the iPad makes this an extremely slim case – one of the slimmest I’ve seen. I thought I wouldn’t like not having something covering the screen, but after a month this case has been the one I’ve stuck with.

The back of the Sarach iPad case has a leather “kickstand” in the center which snaps into the case and unsnaps to allow for watching videos or other content. Of course all the necessary cutouts in the leather are there for accessing the buttons, listening to the speaker, etc. The case feels durable and strong, and my iPad has been protected without issue from a few light drops and daily use. I find the angle of the kickstand to be just fine for watching movies, although you can’t do any typing on it while on the stand – it doesn’t hold to the surface its on well enough and you wind up pushing the iPad backwards. Oh – and did I mention you can dock this thing while it’s in the stand? MAJOR POINTS.

By far my favorite feature of this case though, which I’m not sure is even supposed to be a feature (it’s not mentioned anywhere on $100 gets you the iPad Dockable Sarach. They don’t send us any giveaway units, so if you like the case as much as I do (seriously this is the iPad case I use now) head on over to their site and pick one up.