The Magnet Flipper for IPhone 4 by Sena is their most popular case. Made from Italian Napa leather the Magnet Flipper does a good job of blending durable protection with day to day functionality. If you are like me, you want your IPhone to remain in mint condition as long as possible but also send a message of class at the same time. The Magnet Flipper does just that. As great as this case is, I can’t continue in this review until I voice my dislike for the name. Magnet Flipper . . . Really? The leather, the price ($52, yikes), and their reputation exude sophistication and it’s all brought into question by the word ‘flipper’. Is that really the best Sena can do? I would definitely make up a name for this case. For the rest of this review and for the sake of my sanity I will refer to the case as ‘MF’ Now back to the case. Apart from the corny name, this case exceeds all expectations. Lets take a look…

The first thing you will notice with the MF is it’s clean padded flap which covers your phone’s face. Two small magnets cause the the flap to fasten to the top of the case with surprising grip. It only takes, however, a quick flick of the thumb to open the flap and access your IPhone. It took a few tries to get the hang of the ‘thumb flick’ but by the end of the day it was second nature. The flap seems durable and adequately protected my phone for the days I tested the case.

The next feature that makes this case a top seller for Sena is the metal clip system included in the box. They supply you with a tiny allen wrench and a hex screw that you tighten into the back of the case allowing it to slip into a handy belt clip. There are notches on the metal nob that attaches to the case to allow 360 degree positioning of your phone. I found myself twisting it around and around listening to the clicking. I was bored at the time. If you get tired of wearing the MF on your belt, just unscrew the metal clip system and the case will slip easily into your pocket. Be careful not to misplace the screw or allen wrench.

Sliding my IPhone into the MF for the first time was an experience. The question of “How well will it fit” was stirring in my brain until the phone rested securely in the pocket. The IPhone is secured in the case by a firm snap which holds tightly and no hint of play. Once set everything lines up perfectly. As with all Sena cases, the access cutouts for the camera, volume and charge port are precisely cut and never interfere with functionality. At the base of the flap there are even 2 cutouts for the speakers. They thought of everything.

After a few days of use the MF blended seamlessly into my relatively fast paced life. There are a few down sides to using the MF. When I opened the flap, the leather covering the edge of my phone’s face often interfered with texting especially when accessing the “123″ button in the lower left hand corner of the keyboard. Texting with my right hand worked ok, but left handed texting made hitting that key almost impossible. My other worry is mixing magnets and technology. I assume that Sena knows what they are doing and I didn’t have the MF long enough to assess any long term effects of magnets on the IPhone, but I admit I am a little leery.

I give low marks on design for one giant bummer oversight – the pocket on the flip top won’t fit credit cards. The main reason I could see having a pocket there is to carry my debit card, ID, and some cash – and it’s literally a millimeter or 2 too small. Sena should either make this a tiny bit wider to fit cards, or eliminate the pocket for a slimmer profile.

The MF comes is 13 different colors including 4 Croco finishes that look & feel like Alligator skin. I don’t know if it’s real reptile but definitely an eye catcher. At $52 it’s pretty pricey – but we’re giving away our review unit, so comment away and we’ll pick a winner from the comments over the weekend.

Overall, I was pleased with the MF and would almost use it if my job required I dress up more or if I wore skinny jeans and couldn’t fit my phone in my pocket – if only it would fit my debit card and ID. Sena has secured themselves as one of the top providers of leather cases for phones and technology and the Magnet Flipper does a good job of upholding that standard… except for the name.