Sena has just released its new line of leather cases for IPhone 4 and we spent a few days testing them out in the real world to anticipate how the new cases will fare in the pockets & purses of IPhone 4 users. *First up, the Sena Walletbook.

I’m a convenience snob and mac junkie so anything that protects my gear and allows me to carry less around (ie. my wallet) will definitely garnish a second glance. *Enter the Walletbook.

The Walletbook looks GREAT . . . for a woman. *At least the one we received from Sena in Croco Red! I’m a middle age guy who dresses casual most of the time so when I toted around the Walletbook in Croco Red, you can imagine I got a few ‘looks’. *In black, it would look great but the red case looks like an alligator skin purse. *After enduring the looks and teasing comments from my wife I was finally able to focus on this case’s genuine usability.

At first touch, the the most noticeable feature on this case is the quality leather it’s made from. *Sena went all out to use top quality genuine leather in its products and it shows. *Leather is great to touch but even better to smell. *So I ran the sniff test on this case and was not disappointed. *It actually smells like a new car . . . if you’re into how your phone case um, smells. *I’m not sure if the Croco Red Walletbook is genuine alligator skin but is sure looks & feels like it.

The phone slipped snugly into the case with no room to slide around and the small tab slid underneath to secure it. *Once locked in, my phone was going nowhere. *I used the case for a few days and was impressed at how durable and practical it was. *The transparent card slot worked without any issues. *I was initially afraid that I would have a problem pulling the cards out after I shoved them in the slots but the Walletbook released them nicely. *The camera, charge/sync, and proximity sensor cut outs don’t interfere with any functionality. *There is even a little hole cut out in the crease to attach a wrist or shoulder strap. *No thanks.

When I drive, I place my phone in a Belkin Charger/Holder and I was certain the Walletbook would not allow it. *I was surprised to find that it fit just fine. *The other concern I had was talking on the phone while its in the Walletbook. *I wasn’t sure if the wallet side and snap would poke my eye while talking. *I found, however, that the case when opened all the way snaps in the back securing nicely for converstations.

The only downside to using the Walletbook was trying to access the the “123″ key in the lower left hand corner of my phone’s digital keyboard. *The case’s leather lip prevented me from doing it on my first try. *Only after several attempts was I able to get the angle right to pull up the numbers keyboard.

Overall, the Sena Walletbook is a great solution for those who don’t want to lug around a wallet AND a phone case for specific outings. *For dudes, I don’t think it will ever replace the wallet altogether but for a dinner date it is a classy alternative. *I probably would have tested this case much longer had it come in black but the mixed messages I was sending was starting to interfere with my work.