Ok – we actually got TWO shipments of the same product, and are rolling around to reviewing them today. The Noosy Micro Sim Cutter is a solid tool for anyone who has an iPhone 4 and has ever used the phrase “put my SIM in another device.” Or maybe you’re one of the hordes of unlocked iPhone 4 users (or thinking about joining them) but don’t feel like cutting your T-Mobile/O2/3/wtvr regular size SIM with an exacto knife to make it fit in the iPhone 4’s micro sim tray. Either way, the Noosy Micro Sim Cutter does the job for you.

The iPhone 4 moves away from the standard SIM card size to a “Micro SIM” which is half the size. Which is fine – it comes with one when you buy it and activates just dandy on the network you bought it on. This becomes an issue real quick for many users though. For instance – there are thousands upon thousands of US folks who want to run their iPhone 4 on T-Mobile (and can thanks to ultrasn0w and jailbreak). But your T-Mobile SIM is way too big for the dainty iPhone 4. Yes, you can busy out a knife or scissors and try to cut your SIM, but if you make a bad cut, your SIM is toast. The Micro Sim Cutter makes it easy – pop your full size SIM in, line it up, and press down. Done. The cut SIM falls to the desk, and you slide it in the iPhone 4. Welcome to your new carrier, iPhone 4.

There’s also this case – I have multiple phones. Sometimes for testing, and sometimes I just carry around my Nexus on 2-3 day trips in case my iPhone runs out of battery and I can’t find/get to a charger. That was fine with my iPhone 2G, 3G, and then 3G[S] – pop a paper clip in, and swap SIMs. Back in business. Now though, the iPhone 4 won’t let me do that – the SIM isn’t compatible. Well, the Noosy Micro Sim Cutter also includes 2 micro SIM to regular SIM adapters – just push your micro SIM into the etched out area, and you can now put the adapter into any standard SIM slot. Similar to how a microSD adapter works.

Cutting the SIM is easy – just make sure you line it up correctly (the depiction of how it should be inserted is etched into the metal). It’s literally 2 steps – insert SIM, press down lever.

Like I said – we received two shipments of this same product, one from NegriElectronics.com, and one from CutYourSim.com. I’m not familiar with CutYourSim.com, although their website says they’re based in Indiana and are an authorized retailer of the SIM cutter. NegriElectronics.com is a well-known electronics retailer (heavy emphasis on phones) here in the US who is regularly seen on tech blogs for having first access to new devices. CutYourSim retails these for $24.95, and NegriElectronics retails them for $29.95 (after a $10 instant coupon code for our readers – use MODMYI when asked). Y’all can decide where you’d prefer to get them from.

Of course, if you really need one of these and don’t want to buy one, I’ve got 4 here to give away – 2 from NegriElectronics and 2 from CutYourSim. Leave a comment with your thoughts and why you need one, and we’ll pick 4 lucky folks Wednesday to mail these out to.