There’s a few things that are always on my desk. Speakers, a couple Apple Cinema Displays, a couple USB hubs, a couple iPhone Xtand’s, a couple KidRobot toys, and my BookArc for iPad from TwelveSouth. There’s a bunch of products that exist to hold your iPad when you’re not holding it. Sure. My absolute favorite is the BookArc though.

It matches all my Apple gear well with a nice brushed aluminum look over the heavy gauged steel used to make the stand. There’s a soft silicone insert to cover the actual docking area where your iPad sits which protects the iPad itself from getting any scratches, and also holds it nice and firm. The silicone dock has a slight groove in one side, allowing a few docking positions – vertical with a slight backwards angle, vertical with a heavier downwards angle (good for watching flicks in bed), horizontal with a slight backwards angle, and horizontal with a heavier downward angle. You can also sit the iPad straight up horizontal or vertical. The backwards angle is good for viewing while sitting, and I found the downward angle to be good while using my iPad to watch movies.

The BookArc sits a couple inches off the surface it’s on, so you can have the iPad plugged in at all times if you’d like. The bottom of the BookArc has the same silicone as used in the insert on each point where it contacts your desk or table, so you won’t get any scratched surfaces either. That same silicone helps to keep it from moving at all – nice and sturdy.

TwelveSouth is happily located in their hometown of Charleston, SC, and keep making solid, well-designed and extremely functional Apple accessories. I like these guys. We didn’t get a giveaway unit on this one – so if you like it head over to TwelveSouth’s site and pick one up for $39.99 (free shipping for a bit!). Might wanna check out their other products while you’re there – everything these guys make is good!