Decals have been used for ages for adding some character to your stuff. Folks stick them to cars, windows, guitars, amps, and now iPads, iPhones, and Macbook Pros. Lucky Labs, based out of the greater Seattle area, make these sweet decals to spice up your iDevices – well, mostly the ones with brushed aluminum. The new Mac Mini would work as well.

Lucky Labs are cool guys. Their artwork is the kinda stuff… well, the kinda stuff you'd want to stick on your laptop or iPad. It's not original material by them, but it's specially formatted to work as a decal, and printed by them. There's all sorts of options, including such gems as the punk rock panda, a Vespa, an elephant with a rocket on it's back, and a riot guy about to throw something. Many of them are specifically geared towards making use of the Apple logo on your device – there's a monkey with a sandwich board sign which is where the logo would go. The riot guy's hand is empty – place it so he's throwing the Apple logo.

Since they shipped us the examples, they've also added iPhone 4 decals, which go around the sides of the iPhone 4 and add some color. Check their Etsy site to see examples.