Ever since the advent of the new bootrom, we jailbreakers who were left to the grips of Apple's cat and mouse game continue to suffer the injustice of a tethered jailbreak. One might say our phone’s are still “in jail” due to this huge inconvenience. Then again, some might say it’s no big deal – just don’t reboot your phone until you are around a computer to jailbreak again. It’s not what’s in our control that makes the tethered jailbreak inconvenient – it’s what ISN’T in our control: iPhone locking up while in line at the grocery store and needs a hard reboot, MyWi isn’t working at work and requires a reboot, you download an app on Cydia unaware of the fact that it needs a reboot in order to work properly. These were all situations I’ve encountered as a tethered jailbreaker, and it is those exact situations that I was more than happy to receive the iDongle.

From an hour of instructions, to several minutes, to now only 3 minutes: Jailbreaking does not get any easier than the iDongle. I restored my phone (3.1.2), put my phone into recovery mode, plug in the iDongle – less than 3 minutes later, it’s jailbroken. It really is that simple – as lame as it will seem to say this but: It’s so easy to use; a baby can do it (thus the image above tied-in). I even put it through the ultimate test of faith – rebooting my phone away from home. Once my phone was automatically set into recovery mode after the reboot, I plugged in the iDongle and through the magic of blackra1n, my phone was alive and well… and most importantly, still jailbroken.

A few disclaimers about iDongle, it ONLY works once the phone is in recovery mode. You cannot use it while the phone is on and active like you would with blackra1n. Also, you