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Thread: WebToolbox: Review, Developer Interview and Promo Codes

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    " a collection of bookmark tools for Safari that will make your web browsing experience quicker, easier, and more useful than ever before."

    From TapFactory, the company behind TweetVid, Stick It and the soon to be released PicSync, comes the recently released WebToolbox. TapFactory designer, Cameron Smith, and programmer Mark Peterson, have been working with the iPhone SDK since it was first released. The bicoastal duo that everyone should keep an eye on, display a real grasp of how to develop for the device and the platform.


    Since third party developers don't have access to native Safari plug-ins, TapFactory had to resort to using JavaScript. There are a few steps involved to get each "tool" up and running, but don't worry - the setup for each of the tools is required only once and the developer does a great job of walking the user through the process. There is even an instructional video (in portrait mode) that guides you through the required steps. Once you have added a few items to Safari from the WebToolbox, you will realize how simple it is.

    Features like "Format Page" are perfect examples of how WebToolbox can change mobile browsing.


    The days of having to look at ads, while reading a news article in Safari are over.



    There is a lot in this App you will probably never use. But having the ability to use shortcuts such as "Display all images," "Find in page" and "Translate to English," all from within Safari, for $0.99, you can't go wrong.

    The Good: Instructional video, Clean easy to navigate interface, Save to PDF feature.

    The Bad: Unnecessary features such as, "Days left in the year" and "Date and time."

    The X Factor: Convenience. Many of the items in the App will become an everyday part of your browsing experience. After using the App for just a few days there are several shortcuts (i.e. Save for later) that I find myself using regularly.

    WebToolbox ($0.99)

    Developer interview with Mark Peterson (by email, condensed)

    Q: What drives the creative process for upcoming Apps?
    A: Customers. We strive to make our users happy and supply them with creative, and intuitive applications. There is a lack of this in the current App Store, it's cluttered with useless apps.

    Q: Where does your organization stand with regard to App Upgrades in the future? Will you charge for them?
    A: App upgrades do not get charged. Once you pay, or download a free app all upgrades after are free for everyone. This applies to all applications in the store.

    Q: Have you found yourself having to adjust the App price?
    A: No, we initially released at $0.99 and plan to keep it there.

    Q: What technical challenges did the designers/developers face?
    A: None on the design aspect. Challenge for me (the developer) was making it easy for the end user to understand the installation process, Apple doesn't have an API for installing bookmarks so we had to get creative with the way we presented the user with the installation process.

    Q: Can you provide a brief overview of what your intentions are with regard to the iPad
    A: For the iPad we have a few plans, definitely porting Stick It to it as it will be a great Application for that device with a larger resolution screen. Stick It is used by a lot of students, the iPad is going to be an ultimate student device. Stick It on the iPad will be of great use to them. We will also be porting WebToolbox to the iPad as it will be another utility that will help a lot of people.

    Promo Code Giveaway
    For a chance at winning one of five WebToolbox promo codes, simply leave a comment about this review and let me know what Utility App you would like reviewed next, before 11:59 PM PST Sunday, March 14th. The winner will be chosen at random. All winners will be notified via email and private message.

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