Hello guys. I've been trying to jailbreak my iTouch for one week, and today I finally did it! With redsn0w
My problem it was that cydia icon wasn't in the springboard, even after the boot with redsn0w.
Anyway, when I saw Cydia icon I was excited and then when I touched it..."Storage almost full"

And I was kinda shocked because I did hard reset so my Ipod was completely empty @_@ I don't know what to do, I tried so many times and I can do everything on the iTOuch except joining Cydia, because as soon as I try to join, the popup show up "Storage almost full"

I tried to disable iCloud but still doesn't work. I don't know if I can post the video that I followed to jailbreak it, if it is, I will post it and then you can see what I did, because I have the jailbreak succesfully installed and cydia on springboard, but when I try to join...

Anyway, hope you can help me I'd really appreciate it!
Bye! :3