It's been almost 3 month since the iso4.0 was released and we heard it's possible to jailbreak it from the news of the beta.
But since then they released 4.0.1 and very soon 4.1
With no real jb solution out there (except for 3G and iPods,etc..)

I am ready the try out a long method that might work.
Downgrade to 3.13 with cydia
Jb with redsn0w not spirit
Use macox vm to download and recreate an ipsw package with 4.0.1 with pwnage tool 4.0.1 then restore with that package.

Has that worked for anyone using the iPhone 3GS (md715ll) or similar ? Would inbe wasting my time?

Alternatively go back to 3.1.3 then ios4.0 beta (or it's too buggy)

Let me know what you guys think ?