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Thread: Jailbreak iPhone 4.0.1 iOS with Redsnow

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Default Jailbreak iPhone 4.0.1 iOS with Redsnow
    source, Jailbreak iPhone 4.0.1 iOS with Redsn0w [How to Guide] | Redmond Pie

    Just head over to an the guide is easy!

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    does it work with the new bootrom as well?

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    Also will not work with 3gs, only for 3g.

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    this is only for iphone 3g and ipod touch 2g

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    Hi, do you know if there is currently a jailbreak for the 3GS running the iOS 4.0.1?. I am looking to upgrade my iPhone from 3.1.2 to 4.0.1 but need to ensure that I can jailbreak it afterwards. It is currently jailbroken.

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    no i dont think there is i have looked everywhere as i upgraded my iphone 3gs last night and i cant find one any where and i also cant downgrade cos i didnt save my shsh like a knob but if i am wrong it would be helpfull it you guys could tell me thanks

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    IF you have old boot room and its currently jail broken on 3.1.2/3 then you can yes, i have and so have loads of other people.

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    how do i jailbreak on ios 4.0.1 on a 3GS ???

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    You cant.

    Unless you are currently on 3.1.2/3, You must of not upgraded to the offical 4.0.0/1
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    Thanks, I see that the version that I am currently on is: 3.1.2 (7D11) and my iphone is currently jailbroken does that mean I am good to go?. I have download the Unbrella software and have dumped my .shsh files just incase.

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    Yup thats great good thinking, now double check your bootroom i left a message on your profile but i think the quickest way would be to download some software - | Jailbreak your iPod touches and iPhones

    Do what it says once downloaded, and it will tell you if you got old bootrom let us know here in this topic.
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    The strangest thing just happened. I just upgraded to 4.0.1 then I did as the topic said and started jailbreaking with the 4.0.0 and redsnow.

    I went into Cydia after all was compete to start getting my stuff back and it stated it was reorganizing.

    When I was sent back to the main iphone screen most of my apps were gone. I had nothing expect the camera, weather and safari.

    The odd part was safari was actually sitting on the dock and was the only app thee. The icon was silver as well.

    I'm re jailbreaking now to see if it gets fixed.

    Information update!

    I just did another jailbreak and now I'm missing more icons but there all back at least. I was missing Safari, Maps, App Store.

    I went into Cydia to load it again and it loaded fine. I had one upgrade (changes) to do and proceeded to complete that.

    The upgrade went fine and I proceeded to download and Install winterboard. The install went fine and I proceeded to do the suggested reboot.

    After the reboot all icons were fine and back to normal.

    Is it normal for all my i n s ta l l o u s apps to be gone and themes but still have 700mb of OTHER space?

    Information Update Two

    I don't know if this is a jailbreak or apple ios 4.0.1 issue btu I cannot connect to wifi!

    I'm doing a restore right now and starting over!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LOGiCALX View Post
    You cant.

    Unless you are currently on 3.1.2/3, You must of not upgraded to the offical 4.0.0/1
    Hey mate,

    HOW exactly do we jb 4.0.1 from a jb'n 3.1.3 old boot not spirit?

    apart from pwnage (im a PC)


    Thanks :P

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    Download a custom 4.0.1 that was created by a Pwnage user.

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    After re doing the jailbreak it all works perfectly fine!

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    when doing the dfu mode thing the downloading jailbreak pic dosnt come up. also when doing the dfu thing my screen fades out in the hold both power and home button part. can you help?

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    Talking jailbreaking trouble due to download trouble
    Hi there... I'm in China trying to jailbreak and unlock my new (used) 3G 4.0.1... seems like it should be easy, but...! First, I am confused. Do I need the 4.0 ispw or the 4.0.1 ispw? Second, and this is the major problem, I am not able to get the firmware downloads from modmyi to work, either on or off my great-firewall-beating vpn. Can you suggest another download site to try? The internet here is very, well, questionable... Thanks... I will be forever grateful for your help!

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    Can't you just use to jailbreak?

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    Default totally new here!!
    i got an iphone 3Gs 16gb and i want be able to use my other sim card in it. I was told that if I jailbroke it,then i could do that? but I'm a total retard when it comes to this kinda stuff! Can anyone tell me how to do it?

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    Jailbreak your phone with RedSn0w then install UltraSn0w from Cydia to unlock.
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