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Thread: HELP! How to jailbreak without original sim?

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    Exclamation HELP! How to jailbreak without original sim?
    hi there,
    i'm trying desperately to jailbreak my phone without knowing the original carrier and without the original sim.
    i purchased my 3g iphone on ebay and it came jailbroken, i updated the to the lastest software last night and now it won't acccept my sim. i have no way to contact the seller and when i plug my 3g iphone into itunes, it comes up to insert compatible sim. do you know of anyything that can fix this? I also don't have wifi either. every tutorial program i have looked at requires original carriers sim.
    Help??? PLEASE!
    I'm about to have a panic attack!!

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    RedSn0w 0.95b5
    RedSn0w hactivates and yoiu do not (and never have) needed an original SIM to use it.
    To Unlock the phone you need UltraSn0w - and for that you need WiFi.
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    In australia 90% of wifi are locked. and if they are free you stil have to log in. will that matter?

    Also i have a tutorial for redsnow and the steps it takes me through aren't valid. because it advises when i plug in my iphone to my itunes, redsnow tells me to click restore but itunes will not show that page, it will only show that the simcard is not compatible and thats it. How do i by pass that?
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    If you have already upgraded to iOS4 you don't need to restore again, just run RedSn0w.
    Do you not have your own WiFi? All you need to do is connect your phone to the internet to install UltraSn0w.
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    I dont think you understand.
    My iphone is completely rendered useless without a sim?
    The phone shows to insert original sim and to make emergency call. it won't pick up wifi or anything, I took it out into the street to pick a wifi and it will not pick anything up because theres no SIM!!!

    Also when i plug it into the itunes it also will no go past anything but insert sim.

    i have d/l redsnow and once again followed the tutorials and screen dumps on blogs i have read, and once i get to like step 2 i cant go any further because it says click restore but my itunes won't even go to the screen option because once again, i don't have the original sim inserted?

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    I understand perfectly. You do not need to restore your phone. Just run redSn0w and follow the instructions it provides.
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    what generation iphone are you using; and what is the current firmware you loaded on it?

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    All you have to do is run redsn0w 0.9.5b-5 on it, like confuscious said. You dont need a restore cuz you already updated to 4.0 so skip those steps and go right to plugging your phone into your computer and running redsn0w on it. Have the 4.0 ipsw downloaded and use it with redsn0w.

    When redsn0w completes and your phone finishes jailbreaking, you should be able to access the springboard. Then open Cydia and let it reload itself. Open Cydia again (you have to have wifi, if you must log in to the wifi open Safari and log in then proceed to Cydia again when connected to wifi) and search for "ultrasn0w" (the 0 is a zero, not the letter) then install it. You should then be able to use your SIM card and get service. It might require rebooting a couple times.

    Edit* dont open iTunes or try to do anything thru iTunes, thats where youre getting confused. Stop worrying about your SIM and just do as we directed. Plug your phone in, open Redsn0w only, run Redsn0w on the phone by following the on screen prompts. When finished, dont open iTunes still. Download the unlock (ultrasn0w) and when that has finished, you can do whatever and open iTunes. It wont tell you to insert a valid SIM anymore.
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