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Thread: should i upgrade to os 4??

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    Default should i upgrade to os 4??
    im running 313 on my iphone 3g now, i have no problems no my question is i have read about a lot of people having lag on iphone os 4.0, now if i select the option to NOT have multi tasking and NO wallpapers will there still be lag?

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    i originally had wallpaper and multitasking enabled, and it slowed me down. i think it was the multitasking.

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    did u have the reception problem

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    i dont have wallpaper or multitasking enabled and i dont see any lag on springboard

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    does the app in cydia called backgrounder still work on os4

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    yea they updated it so it can work well in 4.0

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    upgraded just now i dont see any lag and i have not installed multi tasking or the wallpaper either ill just use the backgrounder app thanks for ur input....

    im pretty sure the os 4.0 the reception problem is baseband related...
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    I'm sick of the Jailbreak for 4.0. I just restored my 3g through Itunes to 4.0 and set up as a new phone but don't think I will Jailbreak for a while. I tried two different jailbreaks and neither has worked very well with 4.0. I like the new 4 OS version and without the jailbreak it's been working great. Battery is lasting twice as long.


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    I've got multitasking and wallpapers enabled and seeing quite a bit of lag

    To get rid of it do I have to do a fresh install and deselect them or can this be done elsewhere?

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    There's a hack flying around on the net called 'Disable iOS Multitasking'. If I read correctly, it is accessible via adding a source repo in Cydia, but I can't remember which. google is your friend here, but you obviously need to be jail broken if you're not already.
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    i was highly disapointed in the 4.0 update. it definately wasn't worth restoring. If you have no problems with 3. firmwares stay with it unless you just have to. also my paged wallpaper themes dont seem to work?
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    I have a 3G with Version 3.0 (jailbroken with redsn0w)

    now i want to upgrade it to 3.1.2 or 4.0. I read in this forum that 4.0 has some issues i wonder how should i upgrade my iPhone

    Thanks for the Help
    - Satish
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    It's a trade off. Basically here's the rub as I understand it.

    iOS 4 is more processor and memory intensive. This shouldn't bother you if you don't run a lot of Cydia apps or multiple processes. I had to strip down my normal environment by disabling iOS multitasking, removing winterboard and eliminating a lot of other background processes. Then I added iPhonevm (virtual memory) and it kept the phone operating almost like normal. Almost.

    If you run a lot of background apps or like winterboard themes it will greatly decrease phone response and almost render it unusable.

    So my recommendation is that you upgrade if you don't run anything other than ultrasn0w or sbsettings but if you run a lot of other programs, it's not worth it.

    FYI: I'm pretty sure if you just re-run redwn0w .9.5b and deselect multitasking and backgrounds it will remove it from your phone. This should save a restore.

    In the not so distant future someone may figure out how to built a faster version for the 3G but I think the new features we want are what's creating the problem, so we are somewhat bound by the ability of the hardware.

    IMO you should use pwnagetool to upgrade instead of redsn0w so you you can keep your old BL and BB in tact. Try it out and then go back to 3 if you want. To do this make sure you figure out how to downgrade iTunes to 9.0. I haven't had any luck with pwnagetool on 9.2.

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    I disabled multitasking and kept the wall papers and just by getting rid of the multitask the phone is back to previous firmware speeds.

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