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Thread: how can I clear up memory?

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    Default how can I clear up memory?
    my phone runs pretty slow since jailbreak, at idle i have 43MB of free memory, just starting Cydia drops it to 23MB

    how can I free up some memory?

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    install sbsettings and run free memory from the process tab

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    tried this with nothing running i have 36MB at most

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    If you have the 3G or 2G you'll NEVER get more than 60mb at MOST (well maybe sometimes.. but very very very unlikely)
    Most common is about ~40-50 with nothing running and 30~40 with one thing running.
    (and this is after deleting the language packs).

    Open up the processes tab in SBSettings and close any applications (such as safari and mail) then press the free memory.
    You should be left with about 50mb, be happy with it.
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    I like MemTool from Cydia. IMO MemTool the better memory management app for the iPhone. What I like about this app is that you can free up memory by pressing Clean or you can terminate individual processes making it pretty flexible. It also won't let you terminate some processes that are necessary for proper operation (they are marked in red).

    The clean method terminates the standard background apps like ipod, mail and safari, but also terminates orphaned processes that were not terminated when you exit from poorly written apps.

    After using Safari for a while, I use MemTool to free up memory. Safari is notorious for memory leaks. I have seen my memory get as low as 5-6 MB after using Safari for a long time.
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    There's an app for sale in the appstore that was number one for a couple days. I forget what it was called, but it freed up memory. Dunno how well it worked though
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