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Thread: Duplicate directories under /var/stash after firmware update and re-jailbreaking

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    Default Duplicate directories under /var/stash after firmware update and re-jailbreaking
    I realize that I lost some disk space after I updated from 3.0 to 3.0.1 and rejailbroke.
    I expected all the Cydia apps to be wiped out by the firmware update and the associated disk space be freed up.
    However, my free disk space remained the same after rejailbreaking.

    So, I logged in via SSH to do some investigation.
    I see that /Applications is now pointing to /Applications.<some_random_characters>; it was pointing to /var/stash/Applications.pwn.
    And surprisingly, the original Applications.pwn is still there.
    Not only the old Applications is there, all other directories that are under /var/stash (e.g. Ringtones, Wallpapers, include, libexec, etc) have two instances as well.

    I tried to move some Cydia apps from the original Application.pwn directory to the new one and they open up fine and even remember my previous settings.
    I don't know if the apps works 100% though since I think some required files in other directories (e.g. /System) may not be there.
    Also, Cydia doesn't know the relocated apps exist, so they don't show up in Cydia, which mean I won't get any updates notifications.
    So, I think this may not be a good idea for backing up Cydia apps for firmware update.

    To move on, I can just re-install all my Cydia apps manually and removed the old Applications.pwn and all other old directories. But I just want to see if anyone knows if this is normal or what steps should be taken when rejailbreaking in order to avoid getting those duplicate directories.

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    I see the same thing. I'd hate to have duplicate programs on my phone. Can I just delete the one I know to be the original and keep the new one?
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    I tried to do this (delete the duplicates) - but wasn't sure which one was the most recent. I ended up restoring the entire phone.

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    This happens everytime you upgrade instead of restore

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    Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
    This happens everytime you upgrade instead of restore

    Thanks! Just saw this also.

    10) Make sure you do not “update” to 3.0 but you “restore” to 3.0. An “update” will mean you lose all your space where your jailbreak apps were installed. The files will still be present but no longer available so you just out on the disk space. Restore solves this problem.
    iPhone 3.0 preparation | iPhone News, Help and Guides

    Maybe instead of doing a restore-sync-jailbreak, we can still do update-rejailbreak, and then re-install Cydia apps and overwrite the .app with the ones in the old directories? This way we can keep our app settings?

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    Bringing back an old thread, since I'm having the same issue after updating to 4.1 I didn't notice this when updating from 3.01 to 4.0, but for some reason I did when updating from 4.0 to 4.1

    Do I really need to restore in iTunes, and then re jailbreak, or can I safely delete the duplicate directories? (Many of the files in the directories have different time/date stamps so I am guessing that is a good way to tell which ones are new and which are old)

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    I deleted the duplicates with the letters after the file names, do not do this, restore required. if your going to delete any, try the ones without the letters.

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    In some instances, both directories have the string of numbers and letters after them.

    Looks like I learned the hard way. I deleted a couple duplicate directories and the phone just about had a seizure. Gonna restore and re jailbreak.
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