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Thread: 3GS Jailbreak issues

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    Exclamation 3GS Jailbreak issues
    i have jailbreaked my iphone 3GS since red snow was updated for 3GS and winterboard and have these issues:

    GPS not accurate finding my location
    custom keyboards not adjustable (cant install custom keyboards)

    anybody else have these issues or new ones?

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    Everyone is having the keyboards issue. For some reason the old method of customizing them does not work on 3.0. People are trying to figure it out but it isn't really a simple fix.
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    I can't find Cydia on app store

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    Hm my gps is pretty accurate... Maybe it has something to do with the service in your area?

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    I just jb my 3gs the other day and I have not had any issues with it. My friend that had jb his 3g keeps saying I would see lag opening my messages and mail but I have not seen any. A few app keeps crashing that I dl through cydia but none of the apps that I would really use. I am very pleased. Easy to jb and this was my first time ever doing it. I have not had the SB crash yet either which my friend was sure would happen. Everything is well so far.

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    After observing many problems with the jailbreak and the ultrasn0w on the new 3Gs, I came to conclusion that almost half of the iPhone 3Gs don't work well after jailbreak and ultrasn0w.
    There was also a poll done in a different forum about this and the result was 50-50. There are as many people having problem as there are not. In my own case, I bought two 3Gs (white and black). The white one works flawlessly, but the black one keeps having wifi and weak signal problem with ultrasn0w.

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    ok i am having major issues with my 3gs !! i am not new to jail breaking in any means but this is the first major problem i have had. first i jailbroke with purplera1n and then i restored and used the dev-teams. first my location does not work, more importantly my camera will not save photos. i have searched for hours and hours and hours on the internet already and i am away on vacation. some one please help point me in the right direction what the hell is wrong with my phone!

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    I am tryin to jailbreak, but i need the .ipsw. everytime i download it, i get a folder,, but no .ipsw extensions. could some body pleSE EMAIL ME THE DAMN THING unzipped already.

    email = [email protected]

    much thanks

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    Ok new to this ..... I like to jailbreak my new iPhone 3GS I got it at the Att store what's better to use redsnow or purplera??? And why ? Will I loose the warranty on the phone if I jailbreak it?

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    I had wifi issues after a jb with redsn0w and unlock with ultrasn0w... I restored with the bog standard Apple restore file, then started over... first with purplera1n, which failed because even though it said it was installing Cydia, it did not... so I did redsn0w again, over the top of the purplera1n effort, and took the advice of a fellow in another forum and switched off 3G prior to unlocking. Its all working fine now, except I have a stray "Freeze" icon that I can't get rid of. Might redo it all next weekend. (oh yeah, no Winterboard the second time around... and no extras, just the jb and unlock)

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    i just jb my 32G 3gs (white) and now it will not work outside of safe mode. everytime i respring my sb i go to unlock to go to my sb and it freezes and wont work i then have to restart my phone and its back into safe mode. if there is no fix **** it i rather have a basic iphone then a hacked one in my case. any help wold be aprriciated

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