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Thread: Upgrading to 3.0 on Rogers

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    Default Upgrading to 3.0 on Rogers
    Hey guys, I am looking to take the 3.0 jailbreak plunge but I just want to clear up a few things before I do it.

    -I am currently running 2.0.1 on the Rogers network. Do I need to be aware of any complications with this specific carrier?

    -What version of iTunes would you guys recommend I use? I used 7.1 (I think, I know it was an early 7.x release) when I first jailbroke 2.0.1

    -Would it be better to upgrade to the standard 3.0 first then jailbreak with the 3.0 firmware or just upgrade/jailbreak directly from 2.0.1 to the jailbroken 3.0 firmware?

    Other then this, I am pretty set to go. Any suggestions and help on these questions would be greatly appreciated.
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    FIrst, you will need to upgrade to itunes 8.2. Then, plug your phone in and do a legal download and install of the 3.0 firmware. Once that is done, run redsn0w (Dev-Team Blog) and let it do its thing. If the phone came from the USA, you will need to add the repo in cydia and run ultrasn0w to unlock it. If the phone is a 2G (redsn0w) will give you the option to unlock it as well as jailbreak it. If the phone is from Canada (locked with Rogers), you won't need ultrasn0w but you still can jailbreak it using redsn0w after installing a legal copy of the 3.0. Or you could always use pwnage tool and build a custom firmware. All of the options will work.

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    EDIT: Should I install 3.0 with the update button or restore button in iTunes and does it matter that when I first jailbroke I used WinPwn? I do not really care about my settings, apps and contacts, I can put all that stuff back on myself. I want a CLEAN FRESH firmware.

    well thats good enough for me.

    So just fire up iTunes, plug my JB iPhone in, upgrade to 3.0 using the upgrade option in iTunes, then use redsn0w to JB.

    I will let you guys know how this works out for me.
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    Just do a "update" and let it do its thing. Once that's done, then run redsn0w and your done. Don't install both Icy and Cydia. Pick only cydia otherwise, you will have to redo it again as living with both creates crashes on Cydia's part. If you want to unlock, add the following source in Cydia : (sn0w not snow)where its a zero and not a O. Then find ultrasn0w in "utilities" and install it. Reboot your phone and you now have a jailbroken and unlocked 3G. It can be useful if you ever plan to go outside the country and want to buy a "pay as you go" sim card.

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