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Thread: cydia's keyboard and sms themes not working

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    Default cydia's keyboard and sms themes not working
    I've unlocked and jailbroken the iphone 2G 3.0 OS three times with redsn0w, but for some reason the glossy keyboard theme and my mariobros sms theme are not working.

    Does anyone know why? Is it because themes need to be updated to work in 3.0? ..because I saw dinozambas' latest video to unlock the iphone 3G and the glossy keyboard worked on his phone..

    please help!

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    Because all the sms and keyboard themes arent compatible with 3.0, so they wont work. They will have to be recreated to work with the new layout.

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    those anybody know when this will happen..

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    OR does anyone know which themes are working? Maybe run a list of what is available....just a thought

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    i think it's because apple changed the name of some files in the 3.0 update for example Text.png has been changed to Messages.png thats why some (all?) themes have the stock text icon instead of the themed ones....

    so this could be true for the keyboard themes... check the name of the default keyboard to see if it's any different to a themed one.. if so .. change the themed one to match...?

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    Theres only one theme that works on 3.0 on Iphone 3g, its the Tweetie SMS Theme.

    I'm also waiting for updates on when we can actually the other themes would work.

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    I downloaded 2 keyboards that don't work. I have read another post that someone deleted a chromium keyboard they downloaded and now they have no keyboard at all. Here's my question If I delete these 2 keyboards will I still have the original?


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    just leave them on your doesn't use that much space anyway...

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    Has anyone found a fix for this?
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    lets stop dicking around and hack this shyt

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    There is no fix.

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    not working for me either! im obsessed with my red and black pod the only thing is no color on my kb this sucks someone please help

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