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Thread: Jailbreaking your iPhone 2G/3G using redsn0w for Windows

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    Please help, I can't install os3 on my iphone 2g. I can get iTunes and the phone to go through the whole installing (restoring) the phone to os3 but when it completes I get an error message in itunes saying update could not complete due to an error. I thought I might have a corrupt .ispw file so I downloaded another and still the same problem. So god now I have restored my phone to 2.2.1 and jailbrokrn with quickpwn which works fine. I really would like to upgrade to os3, so any help/solutions would be appreciated!

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    I think the reason you can't go back to 3.0 is because Apple has stopped "signing" that firmware version--meaning when you restore with iTunes, it recognizes the firmware on your phone as obsolete. I had the same problem with both my 3g and 3gs when I recently tried to jailbreak them using redsn0w and found that I had to download a custom firmware version of 3.1.2 or you can make your own with pwnage tool (only on mac for 3.1.2). I'm not sure how you can go back to 2.x, but it's better than nothing. Good luck!

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    Thank you for letting us know about redNOW for jailbreaking and

    unlock will help me a lot.


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    I have a 2g iphone that I am looking to install 3.0 on

    I have used itunes to restore 3.0 to teh phone then ran redsn0w with teh unlock ticked.

    I get the phone to boot up and into the dash, but I get no service.

    I have tried 2 different sim cards both orange and o2 (contact) and neither will give me a signal or service

    any idea?


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    my phone wont go into dfu mode and now wont even turn on help

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    I'm having the exact same problem as only1pj but I do not have a second computer or laptop to restore. What should I do?

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    ok i'm a total maroon with the iphone, just got one. when it says for redsnow to download if you don't care about "unlocking" does it mean to unlock the phone so you can make modifications, or is it talking about the unlock screen, or am i wrong all around?

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    Default Redsn0w oddity
    So after many failed attempts do Jb an older 2G iphone with blackra1n i was told redsn0w might be the way to go.... And i did.. with no luck ....

    It runs great does everything it should and loads the jb and reboots and bam no cydia installed so i have no clue if it ever worked??? i ahve done this 3 times now and all get the same result.. same thing happend on blackra1n...

    i dont have a SIM card in the phone is that the problem?

    Maybe i should restore again but now it will try to do 3.1.3 i suppose then we are at yet another stage of issues lol

    any help would be appreciated this is for my friends son and he is really missing his ipod/phone lol

    This was JB with blackra1n once - crashed bad i restored and tried again i think i have done this about 20 times now and it has never given me this much headache in all of my iphone owning and jb'n life! help!!


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    Thanks for sharing useful information with us.

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    My daughter upgraded from 2G to 3GS. I have the old 2G on 3.0 FW with "all content and settings" erased so I can sell it. I still have the ATT SIM chip in it, but it has no service. The screen shows the USB cable and the iTunes logo.

    My question is... I'd like to jailbreak and unlock it using redsn0w, Vista 32bit and the latest iTunes but do I need to have service or activation to jb and unlock?

    I've jb'd previous phones, but all had been activated and had service. Thanks.

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    No, you can Hack-tivate it with the jailbreaking.

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    It worked like a charm! The procedure went flawlessly and it's now unlocked and jailbroke...ready for a new owner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drsnaps View Post
    I've sorted it out, working great.
    How did you get cydia on there? Ive gone thru the J/B process a bunch of times and cant get cydia on my phone.

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