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Thread: Can I upgrade to 4.1 by making a custom firmware?

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    Default Can I upgrade to 4.1 by making a custom firmware?
    Is it possible to upgrade my iPhone without losing any files/apps/mods using the pwnage tool to make a custom fw? would everything stay the same but just be updated? and can 4.1 be unlocked?

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    updating/restoring in any way will reset the phone. only way to keep apps and settings is by saving them in iTunes and/or pkgbackup or other 3rd party backup.
    having a custom firmware will allow you to install the desired apps and settings "stored" in a similar way but it does mean same amount of effort to do so..
    Unlocking is only possible on certain Basebands.. if you have updated your device to 4.1 already you probably updated your BB too and may not be able to.
    if you haven't updated yet already and are going to use the custom firmware i think it will possibly be unlockable.
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    I am on 4.01 Jailbroken and Unlocked. so i have to use a back-up program? i don't wanna have to install everything over AGAIN, i hate doin that.

    (iPhone4 btw)

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    For official App Store apps, make sure all of your apps are transferred to your iTunes library (File > Transfer Purchases from "iPhone"). For Cydia apps, there are different backup utilities you can install, including PkgBackup, Chronous, or AptBackup. Use one of these apps, then sync to iTunes so that the backup information is transferred to iTunes.

    Then use Pwnagetool to create the custom, non-baseband-updating firmware, option + click on restore, select the firmware, restore, then restore from backup. You'll have to sync your official App Store apps back onto your phone.

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