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Thread: pwnage 4.1 freezing at "6"

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    Unhappy pwnage 4.1 freezing at "6"
    pwnage 4.1 freezing at "6" on the "Hold down home button for ten seconds" and never successfully enters DFU mode. And because of this, I cannot restore in itunes from a custom firmware. And I am now stuck with the "plug into itunes" screen. Does anyone have any ideas?
    Mac PPC G5, OS 10.5, iPhone 4

    Thank you so very much for any help in advance!

    Apparently pwnage 4.1 and 4.1.1 (and I am assuming all future versions, unless told otherwise by the dev team) are NOT compatible with PPC, you NEED an intel-based mac. Do not be fooled, you can install the pwnage tool, you can run the pwnage tool, you can successfully create a custom firmware. BUT, you can not successfully enter DFU mode, which is vital for itunes to allow the install of a custom firmware.

    If you do not own an intel-based mac, the solution is:
    Find an intel-based mac (unfortunately, at the time of writing this, there is no way around it), use the pwnage tool to get your device into DFU mode (the famous black screen), once the pwnage tool says that it was susccessful and you get the "you're in" message on the mac, disconnect the iphone (it will stay in DFU mode, AKA it looks like it is shut off, BUT IT'S NOT, do not touch any buttons!), then you can connect that iphone into ANY machine, PPC, Windows machine, etc that has itunes installed and the custom firmware present. Then restore as you normally would when jailbreaking (ie: hold down option while clicking restore on the mac, or hold down the shift key while clicking restore on the PC). I know this is kind of a pain because you will have to find an intel-based mac to do this on, but we can't blame the Dev Team for not supporting the PPC, I know it's dead, I just don't have the $ to upgrade right now.
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    Try putting your phone into DFU yourself, then connect it to pwnage tool and hit the DFU button while it's already in DFU.

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    Thanks for the response! how do I put the phone into DFU mode myself?

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    Hmm, I find the easiest way is to hold both power and home buttons together for about 8secs (about 4 secs after the phone has powered off). After the eight secs release the power button and hold the home button. You need to release the power button before the apple logo comes back on.

    If you have the phone connected to itunes it will tell you it's detected a phone in recovery mode (don't worry hopefully it's DFU)

    DFU = black screen
    recovery = connect to itunes screen

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    thanks! I've got 15 minutes left on my regular restore (I didn't want to be without a phone). I will give that a shot and report back. Again, really appreciate your help on this.

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    It's just an idea, no promises. If it doesn't work then pwnagetool is struggling to put the exploit on the phone in DFU.

    In my experience the phone get's to DFU then at about 6 second mark it starts receiving the exploit. I had a phone which was stuck in DFU and doing it like this worked with that (albeit a 3GS)

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    hmmm... well with what you just said, my phone almost instantly goes to the apple logo at the 6 second mark, as if pwnage is failing to put the phone into DFU mode all together. After a few seconds of the apple logo, I get the "connect to itunes screen" still waiting on my latest restore to finish, but I will try your manual idea once it's complete.

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    Are you restoring it back to 4.0.1?

    Did you not want to do the upgrade to 4.1 with TinyUmbrella? It can preserve your baseband that way too (only for iphone 4)

    Just practising with my 3GS, it seems it has to be connected to itunes to manually get it into DFU.
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    DFU mode : Plug your iphone in, hold down both Power and Home button for 10 secs, then release the Power button but keep holding the Home button for another 10 secs or until you hear a ding dong sound, the screen is black, release the home button. This is DFU mode.

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    if you have hardwaregrowler (part of growl) installed a pop up wil tell you it detected an iphone in dfu mode.
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    Did it work?

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    Hi WestonBen,
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this, and THANK YOU so much for all of your help. I dozed off in the middle of my restore to stock 4.1 As it turns out, pwnage tool is NOT compatible with PPCs. I can't blame the dev team for this (after all they have done SO MUCH for this community and PPC is a DEAD technology), but I just wish that they would have put a warning somewhere in their pwnage release blog post.
    Luckily at work I am on and Intel Power Mac. What I am doing (as I type this) is using the Intel Power Mac to put my phone into DFU mode using pwnage 4.1.1. This worked perfectly!
    Now I am restoring to my jailbroken iOS 4.1 on my HP windows laptop. The iOS install worked perfectly as well.
    At this moment it is just restoring all of my data from my last backup. So everything should be working just fine once it's done.

    Thanks again for all of your help, and attempts at helping me. It is greatly appreciated. And again, sorry I hadn't gotten a chance to get back to you until now.
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