I'm using PT 3.1.4 to create a custom firmware (iOS 3.1.3) file containing a handful of useful pre-installed things (ultrasn0w, Rock etc.).

I go into PT, Expert Mode, Cydia Settings and add say the ModMyI repo URL (http://apt.modmyi.com/dists/stable/m...s-arm/Packages ?). Then hop back to the Download Packages tab in Cydia Settings, choose my newly added repo URL and hit Refresh.


Well, sort of nothing. I get the spinning beach ball for a short while and then nothing appears.

There seems to be a lot of talk online about the whole Manage Sources process inside PT not working (except for Saurik's URL!) and that's been my experience thus far...

Can anyone suggest how I might pre-install apps from custom sources please?

Thanks in advance,